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Innovative Pool Concepts

Innovative Pool Concepts

Innovative Pool Concepts was founded on reliability, knowledge, and a service-oriented mentality. For these reasons, you will always be able to count on us to deliver excellent customer service matched with the finest workmanship and quality.
Because we believe that knowing what to do is as important as how to do it, after 10 years in the industry you can count on us to deliver trustworthy advice and quality workmanship.

Innovative Pool Concepts, Inc. services the entire valley.

Reliability is another important factor in our continued success. We have introduced a revolutionary approach to pool service that is used by no other company. Our managers perform Quality Control Audits on our weekly customers to ensure that each customer is receiving the service we know they deserve. This service is provided at no additional charge just as a way of saying "Thank You and we appreciate your business."
Customer Communication is a part of maintaining high customer satisfaction and retention. We leave detailed invoices on all weekly clean and repair appointments in an effort to keep our customers informed. Some details we feel are important include: water test results, chemical additions, filter pressures, as well as overall system performance. With a properly working system, Innovative Pool Concepts can ensure crystal clear water all year long.
Even with a pool service, equipment still breaks. That is why our Weekly Clean Technicians are trained to acknowledge problems and perform minor services on weekly visits such as pool vac repairs, O-ring Replacements, etc. If the problem requires a service call we can send our service department out to fix the problem. That is the advantage of allowing a full service repair company to maintain your pool on a regular basis.

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Innovative Pool Concepts, Inc.

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