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New Blinds Too Expensive? Let Us Clean Them and They'll Feel Like New Again!

(We Repair Too)

Are your blinds so dirty that you don't know what to do with them?
Give us a call and we'll transform your dirty blinds to clean blinds.

  • Free Estimates
  • Family Owned/Operated
  • Over 25 Years Experience
  • Any Type or Brand of Blind
  • Repairs Most Problems with Blinds
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Improves Appearance/Air Quality
  • Commercial and Residential
  • Cleans All Types of Blinds
  • Quick Turn Around Time

A sampling of some types of blinds we can repair are:

  • Power Rise Blinds
  • Mini Blind Repair
  • 2" Blind Repair
  • Pleated Shades Repair
  • Cellular Shade Repair
  • Roman Shade Repair
  • Bamboo/Natural Shade
  • Roller Shades Repair
  • Silhouette Shade Repair

Ultrasonic cleaning gets the dirt, dust, pollen and other small particles off your blinds
to make a clean environment for you and your family to live in.

Blind Bath specializes in ultra-sonic cleaning for your blinds. We use minimal cleaning agents that are not harmful to your blinds, you or your family. The products are completely bio degradable because all the cleaners are water based. Ultrasonic Cleaning will get the dirt, grim, and the natural rott that has built up on your blinds, shades, shutters, and whatever else we can fit in the tub. Everyone knows that in Arizona, the sun beats down on everything and dries it out. Your window coverings are no different. No matter what type of material they are made from, they will always degrade. With regular cleaning, and maintenance, we can help your window coverings last a lot longer than normal. In turn that helps you save money, because we all know that window coverings are not cheap.

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