Do-It-Yourself Pest Control and Elimination of Ants

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Do-It-Yourself Pest Control and Elimination of Ants

Posted By MyGuy || 27-Aug-2012

When it comes to Phoenix pest control and elimination has many invaders which find their way into homes. Different regions of the country have their own little critters, but you can find some species of ants pretty much anywhere. Some people decide to take on the job or ridding their home of ants by themselves while others run to the phone to call the local Phoenix pest control and elimination company.

Pest control and elimination can be a do it yourself job.

To solve an ant problem, the first step is not to kill the ones you see in the home. The trick is to kill the ones you don't see first. The ones you do see are the worker ants looking for food for the colony. You kill them, more will be sent out. If you are going to be your own pest control and elimination service, you will want to know their habits in order to get to the queen, the source of all your pesky problems.

Simple steps to control and eliminate your ant problem:

  • It sounds pretty silly, but you want to watch the ants. Look to find where they are going and where they are coming from. The ants will be seeking a food source to bring back to the nest leaving a scented trail along the way. This trail will guide more ants to the same food source.
  • You don't want to spray the worker ants. Doing so will kill them, but the queen will continue to send more in their place. You will want to use these workers as your lead into the colony.
  • Instead of using spray to kill the workers, take advantage of their work ethic and put out some bait. Follow all directions on the label. Place the bait along the trails they have created. They will pick it up and carry it back to the colony to feed the queen which will stop production of future workers.
  • It's a job you want to get done, but don't clean the area too soon. It could take several days or weeks to kill off the colony depending on the size. If you clean up the trail, you could ruin the scent which will make the workers discover new ground. You want the workers continuing along the same trail picking up the bait.
  • Be patient while you wait for the colony to be destroyed. You may even want to replace the bait to make sure there is enough to go around to the whole colony.
  • If the trail of ants lead you to an outdoor below ground nest, it may help to drench the area with an insecticide. Follow all directions and use proper cautions.
  • In order to keep pests away, the best pest control is to keep things sanitary. Living creatures need food, water and shelter. Ants will leave the colony for food. Keep areas swept, counters clean and free of debris so the ants are not attracted to explore your home.
  • Prevent any future ant problems, seal windows, doors, cables, pipes and wire entry points into your home.

You will want to get ant bait stations if you are going to solve the problem yourself. If your problem is more complex or you cannot be bothered with the possibility of ants for the next few weeks, then you can find a great Phoenix, Arizona company using MyGuy web page, a directory which includes the best pest control and elimination companies in the area.

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