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Call 602-867-5309 for all of life's needs

Call 602-867-5309 for all of life's needs

Trust Certification Process

Each of our participating companies must meet MyGuy’s Trust Certification standards. Learn more about how you can benefit from our screening process!

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Finding a good, reliable company can be difficult - let MyGuy do all the work for you! Our Trust Certified companies offer hundreds of products or services for your home, business, vehicle, real estate...really all of your life’s needs.

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8 Step Trust Certification


  • 1

    Licensed and bonded

  • 2

    Proof of insurance

  • 3

    Acceptable rating with BBB

  • 4

    In good standing with State of Arizona and/or ROC

  • 5

    In the business 5+ years

  • 6

    Interview company owner/president & other key people

  • 7

    Online reputation/customer experience researched

  • 8

    Approved by our investigative board - our toughest step