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If you’ve started seeing bees, wasps, or hornets buzzing around your yard, they’ve likely established a nest somewhere on your property, usually in trees, in the ground, or occasionally on the exterior of your home itself.

Stinging insect removal services from Overson Pest Control are the perfect way to combat these pests. Our experts understand the biology and habits of bees, wasps, and hornets, and can use this knowledge to create a customized solution for your home that addresses stinging insect activity wherever it may be present.


A Name you can Trust

We know that pest problems often cause panic and worry, but with the helpful and effective services offered by Overson Pest Control, you can get true peace of mind. Our family owned and operated business was grown right here in the Valley, and we care about keeping our neighbors safe from pests. With friendly, customer-focused service and a money-back guarantee, we know you’ll be happy with your relationship with Overson Pest Control. Let’s get to work protecting your property today!

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