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Truly Nolen offers some of the best pest control services available because we have more than 80 years of experience and provide the highest quality training for our professionals. We are engineered to go after bugs and pests like there's no tomorrow. We offer general pest control services and specialized treatments for more than 100 types of pests. Some services require an inspection first to ensure that we give you accurate pricing. This includes treatments for termites, rodents, bed bugs and bees. For these services, our professionals can treat your home on a day after the day of the inspection.

The Truly Solution for Bird Control

Trapping: Truly uses the newest and most effective traps along with a non-toxic bait for attracting the birds without being a threat to you or your children and pets.

Exclusion: Our Bird Prevention system and products are so flexible and strong it can deny access to literally any architectural configuration-- courtyards, roof tops, overhangs, parking garages, and office balconies. The netting is almost invisible and comes in a variety of colors. We make it a point to seal all accessible entry points, even the smallest of access points.

  • Make the area unattractive to animals and birds:
  • Exclude or modify harborage zones
  • Keep shrubs free of debris
  • Fill cracks and depressions
  • Place stacked materials at least 12" off the ground

Disinfect the site: Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the site is the only way to be sure it is safe once the birds have been removed.

Bee COntrol

Generally, a large beehive is rarely a danger to many people. And bees going about their daily business in ways that don't interfere with yours are not to be bothered with. However, if bees have swarmed inside your home, you do need to get help quickly. Getting rid of the bees is just the first step. Dealing with the mess caused by rotting honey and ensuring the bees don't come back are major considerations. Call in a professional to remove bee swarms or beehives. Don't attempt to remove large amounts of bees yourself. Only a pest control professional or experienced beekeeper used to handling bees should undertake such a job. Keep pets and children well away from any suspected nesting sites until you get a professional inspection.

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Truly Nolen of America, Inc.

  • Established - 1938
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    Weekends 5:00am - 6:00pm
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    (602) 962-8608
  • License(s)
    AZ Pest Control License 4020
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