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At Lyons Roofing,

We know the Customer Experience Matters!

A favorite saying: Customer Service is the easiest thing to provide- but for some reason increasingly more difficult to find. The Customer Experience Matters! We have external customers- that is you. You are our main commitment. We have internal customers- also known as employees. If we treat them right- they treat you right. That right there is how we have been successful in business for 25+ years. Oh, and by the way- we put on an excellent roof.

The Lyons Roofing success formula:

  1. Hire the best employees in the trade.
  2. Treat them better than they have ever been treated.
  3. Train them to provide the best product in the industry.
  4. Treat external and internal customers with respect.
  5. Provide thoughtful solutions for our customers- with options- that provide the right information for the customers to make a good decision for their home- NO MATTER WHAT ROOFING COMPANY THEY CHOOSE!
  6. Provide excellent service at a fair price.
  7. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  8. Never shy away from problems. Problems are just our opportunity to shine. It is not the absence of problems that make a company great- it is how they handle problems that makes the difference.
  9. Associate with business partners who share our values- like “My Guy” for example.

We care and it shows! Call Us Today!

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Lyons Roofing

  • Established - 1993
  • Hours of Operation:
    Mon - Fri 7:30am - 4:00pm
    Live Service During Off Hours
  • Telephone:
    (602) 483-6232
  • License(s)
    ROC #205554
  • Member Website
Porch Best of 2020 Award

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