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Carnation Home Cleaning is a family owned and operated residential cleaning company that has served the East Valley since 1991. Carnation Home Cleaning provides premium home cleaning services for those who demand consistency, quality, and have an appreciation for the details. Services we offer:‚Äč

Repeat Cleaning- Feel comfortable and confident knowing your home is being cleaned to exacting standards every time

One-time Cleaning- Just like our repeat cleaning customers, enjoy knowing your home is being cleaned with a focused attention to detail

Move-in/Move-out- Relax knowing the home is being cleaned the way you want

Constructing/Remodeling- Our professional and skillfully trained technicians will turn your construction site into a showcase

Vacation Rentals- Enjoy the great reviews, as your guests rave about the cleanliness of your property

For those who demand consistency, quality & have an appreciation for the details.

About Us

Our customers feel comfortable and confident because we emphasize a consistent experience. From who, when, and how a home is cleaned to open and clear communication channels- our customers always know what to expect from Carnation Home Cleaning Service.

This consistency starts with our training program. Before anyone is allowed to start cleaning a home, they go through a proprietary training program. This proprietary training process creates employees who are focused on consistency, attuned to the details and are knowledgeable about cleaning a home in an eco-friendly and safe way.

We have cleaned more than 3,500 homes in our 25 plus years in business. Many of our clients have been with us since we first opened our doors.

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