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What is a home energy audit?

Magic Touch Mechanical is recognized as one of the leading “home performance” contractors in Arizona. Home performance is better defined as testing and improving a home’s; efficiency, comfort, safety, and indoor air quality. We have been testing and improving home efficiency and comfort in Phoenix since 1997, and have helped thousands of homeowners significantly reduce their energy bills and fix comfort issues such as; hot rooms, drafty rooms, excessive dust, and other problems in their homes. A comprehensive energy audit consists of the following:

Do You have hot rooms? Excessive dust? high energy bills? humidity issues? Magic Touch can help!

Home Energy Audit- A comprehensive energy audit consists of the following:‚Äč

Building Leakage Test- Sometimes called a “Blower Door Test”, measuring how much infiltration/exfiltration (air leaking into or out of a home) is an important step in understanding many of the comfort and efficiency problems in your home.

Infrared Thermography – We use infrared cameras to take thermal images of your home to pinpoint problems with your home’s insulation. These cameras are the equivalent of an x-ray because they can look through walls and ceilings and show us where heat is entering or escaping your home.

Duct Leak Testing- By pressurizing your home and AC air ducts, we can determine exactly how leaky your air ducts are, where they are leaking, and help formulate a plan to seal the leaks. SRP and APS both say this is one of the most cost effective ways to lower your energy bills.

Appliances, HVAC, & Lighting- Appliances, air conditioners, lighting, pool-pumps, and thermal heat gain through windows and doors all play a role in how much energy your home wastes. Our testing considers all of these items, identifies any problems, shows you the solution, and what rebates and tax incentives are available to you when you correct them!

Why Work with Us?

We’re not one of those companies that appeared out of nowhere in recent years when “going green” became all the rage. We’ve been doing this for two decades and have completed literally thousands of home energy improvement projects! Our BPI Certified Building Analysts and Certified Home Envelope Specialists are the best in the business. Both SRP and APS refer hundreds of their customers who are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills to Magic Touch every year. We offer turn-key solutions from testing, to the corrective work itself…we’ll even process your rebate paperwork for you! Call us today, you’ll be glad you did!

  • USA’s Residential Contractor of the Year ~ Air Conditioning Contractors of America
  • BBB Business Ethics Award Winner
  • “Top 10” Contractor in Arizona ~ Arizona Public Service
  • “Excellent Customer Service Award” 9x Winner ~ Arizona Heat Pump Council

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