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When you have the proper amount of insulation and it is installed correctly, you can cool your home through the hot summer months and save your air conditioner from constantly running, which is money in your pocket! Some of the great benefits of added insulation:

  • Lower costs – Reduce your utility bills & maximize the energy efficiency of your home
  • Increase comfort – Keep unwanted hot air out of your living space
  • Reduce noise – Prevents outside noise & even muffles sounds from different rooms
  • Improve HVAC performance – Your HVAC won’t have to work as hard, meaning it lasts longer & runs more efficiently.
  • Reduce Dust- Adding Insulation keeps the “Outdoors, Outdoors”!

Think of Insulation as “the most efficient system in your home that NEVER turns off”.

Insulation being blown into an attic

We won’t settle, and neither will our insulation!

Parker & Sons Air Conditioning was founded by Jack and Faye Parker in 1974 in Phoenix, Arizona. Back then trust wasn’t just a word, it was a contract. After over 40 years, Parker & Sons has evolved into one of Arizona’s oldest and largest service companies with more than 100 team members. Our services have expanded to include not only heating and cooling, but plumbing, electrical, drain cleaning, reverse osmosis, water softeners, misting systems, and indoor air quality as well. Our company goal is to make sure that Grandpa Parker’s tradition of 100% customer satisfaction lives on today. Our mission is to continue to build long-lasting relationships with our customers through our winning spirit and commitment to 100% satisfaction… guaranteed.

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Parker & Sons

  • Established - 1974
  • Hours of Operation:
    24 Hour Service
  • Telephone:
    (602) 707-6789
  • License(s)
    ROC #152656
    ROC #152654
    ROC #233298
    ROC #258885
    ROC #300696
    ROC #325553
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looking for help, replace wall evaporative cooler

I have an evaporative cooler that is a wall unit , it needs to replaced with another one that I already have please I need a quote on this if possible thanks Linda
linda - mesa

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