Automotive Safety

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Automotive Safety

Posted By MyGuy || 10-Apr-2011

Have you noticed the amount of vehicles on the side of the road lately? Yes things have changed with higher fuel prices and the general public trying to stretch their dollars some basic safety steps are being overlooked. Do not kid yourself you need to continue to take care of your vehicle maintenance or the pay back may break the bank or even worse, leave you stranded at the most inconvenient time. Take the time to check your tire tread condition and pressure, it all starts here your tires are your first defense of driving safely, second be sure your wiper blades are working efficiently to give you good visibility during these unsure weather times, don't forget to check your lights. Have your brakes and alignment checked at least once a year, this will keep you safer and keep your tires from wearing prematurely. Follow your manufactures maintenance schedule but remember you live in an extreme climate and use that chart as your guide. Find that auto shop you trust and get to know them; it pays big dividends to have a professional looking out for your motoring safety. There are many very professional shops who want to make you a long time customer check them out with the Better Business Bureau

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Categories: Car Maintenance

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