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Blog Posts in October, 2011

  • A beautiful yard is a reflection of its homeowners. Aren’t we striving to have it all? A great job, loving family, nice car, dream home, nice neighborhood and the icing on the cake is a beautifully maintained yard. After spending a lot of money on your residential landscape installation, it only makes sense to protect it and make sure it develops into a lush oasis away from the daily grind. ...
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  • Set directions of floor vents & ceiling fans

    Posted By MyGuy || 25-Oct-2011

    All of your vents should be open for maxim air circulation throughout your home and to make your system last longer. Closing off individual rooms causes stress on your A/C system and hurts circulation. Aim vents at you the summer and toward the walls in the winter for maxim comfort. Cool air feels good blowing on you but hot air is more comfortable and less drafty if directed up and then down the ...
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  • Is Your Bathroom Scary

    Posted By MyGuy || 22-Oct-2011

    What is scarier than mold? Bathrooms are regularly filled with moist air, making it the perfect environment for mold growth. The best way to prevent mold from turning your bathroom into a spooky room is to practice regular preventative maintenance to keep the bathroom as dry as possible in between showers and baths. Once mold manifests its ugly face it may discolor or stain bathroom surfaces, ...
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  • Help Eliminate CO2 Emissions

    Posted By MyGuy || 21-Oct-2011

    Conserving energy is good for the environment and for your pocketbook too! A typical 3-bedroom home with a Control system will eliminate over 850 pounds of CO2 emissions each year. That's like not driving a car for a month! A mobile device can help you manage lighting and the temperature in your home. To learn more about these remote devises or many other products and services for your home, ...
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  • New flooring can be intimidating

    Posted By MyGuy || 19-Oct-2011

    So you're looking for some new flooring. This can easily be an overwhelming task. You go into the store and you see hundreds or even thousands of different samples; from hardwood to travertine to carpet to laminate. Where in the world do you start? First, take a deep breath; this doesn't have to be overwhelming. By finding the answers to a few key points you can help yourself by ...
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  • Interior painting can change your life. Painting is one of the best values for initiating a change to your home. Modernizing colors, adding a cool feeling or outspoken accent, or adding eye catching designs with decorative (faux) painting may be just what's needed to refresh or change that space in your home. Is it time to change from that "builders flat" paint, which retains every ...
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  • Preparation Before Painting

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Oct-2011

    Before you start painting that room in your house it is important that you take the time to learn about the different types of paint. Do you know there is a difference between Latex and Oil Base Paints? Proper preparation is the key to any excellent paint job. Visit MyGuy today to learn more great painting tips.
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  • Blinds & Shutters


    There are a wide variety of blinds, shutters available. DIY shutter and shades are made in fixed, stock and standard sizes. Many of the components need to finished and assembled and often need to be cut down to fit a window opening. Many of the synthetic materials can't be trimmed. It can be a tedious task to measure for the components to fit into your window opening properly. One wrong ...
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  • Water damage can be devastating, so the sooner restoration begins; the better. If you have a flood, professionals often recommend the following steps be taken to ensure that your job doesn't haunt you resulting in higher cost and ongoing issues for you and your property. Learn the first steps you as the home owner can do to help prevent more damage. Identify the water source and shut off the ...
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  • Remove Unwanted Trees Now

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-Oct-2011

    Most experts recommend that the Fall is the best time to remove any of those unwanted trees that you may have in your yard. Winter can be very hard on dead or dying trees, causing them to fall over or break apart which can be very dangerous. Contact MyGuy to learn more tips and great companies that can help you with many of your home, office, auto or life’s needs.
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