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Blog Posts in 2014

  • Prevent plumbing leaks

    Posted By MyGuy || 9-Dec-2014

    Most homeowners don't consider the effect of water pressure on their home. Now everyone likes a good strong shower but, pressure is not always needed to get that. When houses are built the plumbing system is sized for the pressure in the neighborhood it is being built in. If the pressure is over 80 PSI they install a Pressure Reducing Valve. The plumbing system will function properly and give ...
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  • Ward off scary auto expenses

    Posted By MyGuy || 3-Dec-2014

    Can you feel it? Fall has finally set in on the great state of Arizona and there's no better time to get out and hit the open road. Autumn leaves, pumpkin festivals and beautiful scenery wait. But before you hit the trail, now is a great time step back and take inventory of your vehicle. The side of the road is not the greatest way to enjoy autumn, checking a few basic things will help make ...
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  • Countertops can make a big impact

    Posted By MyGuy || 20-Nov-2014

    Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common remodel project in a home and can offer a very good return on your investment if done properly. Remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom is a costly venture and should be well planned and discussed before beginning this type of project. There are numerous materials, designs, styles and colors to choose from. The average consumer can get lost just trying to ...
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  • Check your furnance

    Posted By MyGuy || 19-Nov-2014

    Cooler weather is coming and we all know how Arizonians long for the climate change from scorching hot to cooler fall breezes. When it's hot, air conditioning is a requirement. But when you finally have that change to open your windows and enjoy the beautiful desert breeze, screens are a must! Screen doors, both traditional and retracting, provide many benefits during the cooler months. ...
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  • Is the interior of your pool looking scary?

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-Nov-2014

    Is the interior of your swimming pool looking scary? Did you know there are 3 standard interior pool finishes (plaster, quartz, and exposed pebble aggregate finishes), 4 if you include "all tile" which is the least common of all interiors given their cost can be in upwards of four to five times the cost of the others. Many consumers often ask the question which interior finish is right ...
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  • Repair your patio furniture

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Oct-2014

    There's nothing more enjoyable than spending a long Arizona summer outdoors with family and relaxing by the pool in your personal backyard oasis. For many people, the backyard is a hot spot for entertaining guests, cookouts and family activities. In Arizona we are luckier than most that we are able to enjoy the outdoors year round, with more and more families are making serious investments in ...
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  • Are you cleaning your windows with hard water?

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-Oct-2014

    Raise your hand if you like cleaning windows! Anyone? Bueller? I’m guessing two people have their hands raised. The rest of us “normal people” don’t tend to enjoy cleaning windows. So how do you keep your windows looking their best all year round? We have 3 tips for you. 1) Watch the water Hard water is a huge problem in the Valley, and it won’t be getting better ...
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  • Considering improvements to your home? Some of the most common feedback that we receive from homeowners is they want to update but aren't sure what to do. Often it is not how much, but how you spend to make the biggest impact in your home that will also help increase the value. Designer touches can be surprisingly affordable with a good plan. Refreshing kitchen, bath and family living areas ...
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  • Caring for the stone surfaces in your home

    Posted By MyGuy || 10-Sep-2014

    Properly maintained stone can and should last a lifetime. After all it is often one of the most expensive investments we can make in our homes. Your home's beautiful stone surfaces deserve the best professional care. The experts recommend that only experienced technicians provide a detailed inspection of your home's stone surfaces and then offer the best overall cleaning process. For most ...
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  • Common handyman tips for your home

    Posted By MyGuy || 3-Sep-2014

    When it comes to home repairs and improvements, we as the handyman experts have seen it all. We have experience in nearly every aspect of the home. Calling a professional for your home repair projects can save you time and trouble of trying to figure it out and research the project yourself. However, as the handyman experts we recognize that not all home projects need the attention of a ...
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  • Don't waste water or you could get fined

    Posted By MyGuy || 12-Aug-2014

    July and August are two of the toughest months for lawns and plants in the hot desert sun of Arizona. While an sprinkler or irrigation system can give you years of excellent service you still need to be diligent about maintenance. Many of the Valley cities are starting to implement fines for wasting water. Keeping your watering system running at its best will save you water and money. The ToFixIt ...
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  • The truth when it comes to painting

    Posted By MyGuy || 5-Aug-2014

    It doesn't matter if you are painting the interior of your house or the exterior; you probably have heard all sorts of different myths, many of which are outlandish and downright foolish. However, according to the paint experts, there are other suggestions and tips that have been passed down through the years that offer you the correct practices and the techniques that you should try and ...
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  • Professional landscaping adds value

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-Aug-2014

    Professional landscape installation is crucial for your home. The unique professional landscape design can benefit the homeowner in many ways. Homeowners can benefit with increased outdoor living and entertaining space. This can help increase your property value, add security, help provide more water and utility savings, increase enjoyable family time and also help provide an overall ...
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  • Unfortunately, many people find out the hard way about the devastating effects that something so seemingly harmless can have on your home. Water! While it's common knowledge that it's not necessarily a good thing when water ends up on your floor, or in your cupboards,or many people do not actually understand the potential creates for a much bigger problem. While running to the linen closet ...
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  • Stay " current" this Monsoon

    Posted By MyGuy || 22-Jul-2014

    With the arrival of summer and the rising temperatures also comes the arrival of monsoon season in the Valley. That can mean strong thunderstorms, heavy rain, lightning and high winds. Your trusted ToFixIt electricians offer these tips to help protect your home and electronics during monsoon season. First, consider these tips before the storms end at the end of September 30th. Be storm ready. ...
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  • Sunshades can provide "cool" cash

    Posted By MyGuy || 2-Jul-2014

    Did you know that 50% of the heat that enters your home comes through the window? The big trend now in Arizona, is shade screens, also called solar screens. These are the most affordable way to cut your cooling costs for your home. Shade screens can protect your home in ways you never thought possible like your carpet, couches, chairs, and curtains by blocking the UV rays and heat up to 90% (we ...
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  • The expert landscape maintenance companies realize that your landscaping is a long-lasting investment. The professionals suggest prior to hiring a professional to work in your yard that you should ask for referrals from current and past clients. It is a good idea if possible to look at a customer's yard and even talk to the owners. Be wary of individuals who go door to door and offer bargains ...
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  • Concrete enhancement surfacing

    Posted By MyGuy || 17-Jun-2014

    As a licensed and certified application contractor in the coatings installation industry, we are asked what can be done to maintain and protect enhanced surfaces and avoid coating breakdown. The most common mistake we see most people make is that they do not maintain their coatings whether it is lace decking around the pool, stamped concrete or an overlay renovation in outdoor living areas. All of ...
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  • Is money flying out of your windows?

    Posted By MyGuy || 11-Jun-2014

    Do you know that the windows in our homes can look beautiful and still provide natural sunlight, fresh air through ventilation, and help prevent air loss that is needed to maintain your ideal indoor temperatures? However, if you have a crack in the glass, missing stops or vinyl, you could be just throwing money out of your window. These are just a couple of issues that can dramatically increase ...
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  • Save on your utility bill this summer

    Posted By MyGuy || 9-Jun-2014

    Did you know that according to the federal government's "Energy Star" heating and cooling guide, the average household spends more than $2,200.00 a year on energy bills, with nearly half of this going to heating and cooling costs? If you are like most homeowners, as long as your cooling and heating system is keeping you comfortable, you don't give it much thought. As we continue ...
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  • How many windows, mirrors, and/or glass do you have in your house? For me, I have 23 windows and 3 mirrors. What do you do when your glass table breaks, or your mirrors chip, or your windows get foggy or break? The best thing you can do is call in a professional! When a window or mirror breaks in your house, the first thing you should do is to stay away from the broken glass! Block off the area so ...
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  • Expert Advice: All you Need to Know About Pool Maintenance and Repairs It is almost that time again…summer! As summer draws near, Texans are slowly getting prepared for the wonderful world of 100° heat. Now, many of us try to beat the heat. Some stay inside as much as possible, while others embrace the heat and take the perfect opportunity to cool off in a POOL! Yes that's right! ...
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  • I have been in my home about a year, and I can honestly say I have NEVER been up on my roof. I think there are many people out there who are just like me. Your job, family, cleaning, yard work or whatever it may be, consumes your day-to-day activities and leaves little time to think about other things. Just for a second, let's pretend that I did have time to go up and inspect my roof…I ...
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  • 3 Tips to Hiring a Contractor

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-May-2014

    We've all been there – the air conditioning unit breaks, the garage door won't open, the toilet doesn't flush, a pipe bursts, the roof is leaking…whatever the issue may be, things in the house just seem to stop working. But, when things like this suddenly pop up, what do you do? Most people would just try to fix it. Sounds simple! However, in most cases there is an ...
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  • Trust Certified Launches in Austin

    Posted By MyGuy || 30-Apr-2014

    Trust Certified is proud to announce the launch of our new website. We are currently serving Austin, Texas. At Trust Certified, we use a simple process to help you connect with the best professionals in your area—professionals you can trust because we've already given them the stamp of approval! No more spending hours doing background research to find a good company.
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