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Blog Posts in October, 2010

  • Are your valuables protected?

    Posted By MyGuy || 29-Oct-2010

    A burglary occurs every 9 minutes and a fire every 78 seconds in Arizona. Don't let your valuables be taken or destroyed. Safes are a convenient, simple and economical way to store your valuables. Eliminate your safety deposit box to save you time, because of the limited bank hours and money for monthly rental fees. Why not have your possessions available anytime that you need them. A home, ...
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  • Many Tax Credits End This Year

    Posted By MyGuy || 24-Oct-2010

    If you have an A/C problem how do you know when it should be repaired or replaced? If you have a unit over ten years old and in need of a major repair, the decision should be easy, replace. But what if there are no major repairs needed or your unit is less than ten years old, it can be a tough decision. Now might be the time to replace it. There are tax credits, utility rebates and ...
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  • How to Shop Smart for New Flooring

    Posted By MyGuy || 21-Oct-2010

    Shopping for new flooring for the holidays? Shop smart! Start with a reputable retail flooring company. They can help with each step of the process, to help determine which flooring best meets your lifestyle, maintenance, and budget requirements and to ensure you have the best warranties available. Are you casual and outgoing? Or do you prefer structure and formality? Maybe you have a bold ...
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  • It may surprise you to know that granite comes in 5 different price levels. Level I being the least expensive, offering quite a few beautiful colors that are moderately priced. Plus, the level one granite is as good a quality as the number level five granite. Level 5 is the most expensive due to the small quantities in the ground. Pricing is all based on the usable deposits at the quarry, the more ...
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  • How efficient is your refrigerator running?

    Posted By MyGuy || 6-Oct-2010

    How efficient is your refrigerator running? Do you need to replace the old door seals on your refrigerator? Here is a good test to try. Close the door on a dollar bill, if you can easily pull out the dollar, you would benefit from replacing the door seals. This conserves electricity by not allowing refrigerated air to escape from your refrigerator, and will increase the life expectancy of your ...
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  • Keeping Your Kids Safe While Surfing the Net

    Posted By MyGuy || 6-Oct-2010

    The popularity of social networking continues to grow among kids. Social networking sites can provide a secure way for kids to connect with each other, but they can also be exploited for any number of reasons, good and bad. It is recommended that parents be diligent and take steps to keep their kids safe online. Kids of all ages are getting into social networking. Facebook and MySpace require all ...
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