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Blog Posts in April, 2012

  • Quick and easy money saving tips

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Apr-2012

    Did you know that with these 3 simple tips from the experts you can start to save money now. Replace a single drippy faucet which can waste 212 gallons of water per month. Install low flow toilets. This will save you 3.5 gallons per flush. Install low-flow shower heads to save you between 10% to 16% of water heating costs and reduce your water usage by 20,000 gallons per year. Install ceiling ...
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  • Winds and pools, not a good combination

    Posted By MyGuy || 10-Apr-2012

    High winds can cause issues with your pool.Vegetation surrounding the pool area can also causes big problems for a pool. Too much debris in the pool as a result of windy conditions can cause plugged lines, broken baskets and burned out motors. Keeping your yard well maintained and free of leaves is very important. Also be sure to keep an eye on items that can blow into the pool during high winds ...
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  • Did you know that the experts rcommend that all young children should have a spinal examination at least once a year. If caught early, much can be done for a spinal curvature, avoiding painful procedures like surgery and braces. It is possible to have structural deviations without pain, but sooner or later, they will usually cause pain and are one of the major causes of osteoarthritis and other ...
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  • Traditional clear glass windows have always done a great job of letting natural light into a room and can offer exceptional views to the world outside your home. But what happens when you're looking for a more privacy, or you're just looking for a little something extra to liven up your space? Something more than traditional glass might just be what you need. The alternatives to today's ...
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