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Add color to your home

Posted By MyGuy || 28-Jun-2015

The time to act is now! So get the paint out and spruce up the house while you have the kids around to help move all the furniture and teach them a few tricks along the way.

First thing is color is your friend when looking at what to do and how to keep the scheme correct a simple tip is look at the charts at the paint store. The colors are in groups with usually 4 to 7 colors on a sheet. Paint companies reduce or add to the center color for accenting. This will keep you in line when making your selections. Colors are changed by either 25% or 33% more or less color. This will always help you tie all selections together.

How do you keep the lines so pretty and straight without the paint bleeding through the paint?

Once you have selected your colors you may want to split colors on the wall or maybe at those rounded corners.

How do you keep the lines so pretty and straight without the paint bleeding through the paint? It is simple there are two ways!

  • Once you have the main color on the wall and it has dried and you are ready for the accent be sure to get some quick release Blue tape. We recommend the 3M brand, just a painter preference.
  • Plum your line and put the tape on the wall.
  • Next use the base paint and paint a thin amount of paint on the edge of the tape where you will be putting the accent color. This will seal the edge and not allow the accent paint to bleed through. What happens if you don't have the base color and you still want to put a stripe on the wall then we take a clear paintable latex caulk and put a very thin bead on the edge and using your finger press it on the edge and wipe off the excess caulking? Then take a damp sponge and wash off the remaining residue. This will leave a nice clean straight line.
Categories: Remodeling

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