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Blog Posts in 2012

  • Do you call your Phoenix Plumber when you notice the first sign of trouble with your dishwasher drain? Many people would make that call right away. It is easy to assume that something will need to be repaired or replaced. You could save lots of time and money if you stop and follow these steps before you place your call into the plumber. Rule out drain problems to find the source for the stoppage ...
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  • 10 Tips for Pest Control and Elimination

    Posted By MyGuy || 4-Sep-2012

    Everywhere you go in Phoenix pest control and elimination is important since there will be unwanted guests of some kind trying to work their way into your home. These types of guests are unwanted. Instead of waiting and fighting defensively against the insects, rodents and birds, a homeowner can take the offensive approach and follow these 10 short steps to work at pest control and elimination of ...
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  • Handling a leaky water heater could be something do it yourself easy or Phoenix plumbing impossible. Don't assume from the start that you have to call a plumber if there is someone handy nearby. Not all problems need the help of the professionals, but if it is a major problem, there are many quality Phoenix, Arizona plumbing services to call upon. If you want to check out the problem for ...
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  • Scorpion pest control and elimination Phoenix is a much needed service. The scorpion population in this area threatens many peoples' homes. Calling a professional pest control and elimination company will help begin the long process to getting rid of the scorpions in your home. The best way to take care of a scorpion infestation is to take preventative measure in order to keep them out of the ...
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  • A plumbing emergency for a clogged sewer drain is serious enough to place an immediate call into your local Phoenix plumber. When the sere drain is clogged, there is nowhere for the water to go but back up into your home. Getting the problem fixed before the problem and potential mess from it forms, is considered a serious problem. As soon as you suspect that your sewer drain is clogged, you will ...
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  • Phoenix pest control and elimination companies are often called to take care of termite problems. There are lots of questions pertaining to termites and mulch placed around home foundations. Landscaping around the home is a popular way to beautify the property. The use of mulch to create uniformity around the plants is a popular approach. There are concerns about termite awareness, pest control ...
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  • Plumbing Basics For Safety Sake

    Posted By MyGuy || 28-Aug-2012

    Not everyone will use a local Phoenix plumber to do the simple plumbing handiwork, but to keep everyone safe. There should be some basic dos and don'ts followed when performing plumbing duties. Follow these steps for plumbing safety. Know the building plumbing codes and laws before you begin any plumbing project. Accept that there are some jobs which should be left to a professional Phoenix ...
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  • When it comes to Phoenix pest control and elimination has many invaders which find their way into homes. Different regions of the country have their own little critters, but you can find some species of ants pretty much anywhere. Some people decide to take on the job or ridding their home of ants by themselves while others run to the phone to call the local Phoenix pest control and elimination ...
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  • Leaky Toilets Can Be A Tricky Plumbing Job

    Posted By MyGuy || 24-Aug-2012

    Curious about what is happening with the toilet plumbing when the water in the bowl seems to disappear? It's a good bet that you will not have to call a plumbing company in Phoenix or the surrounding areas to know that there is a leak somewhere. If the water is disappearing in between uses, something is not right. Most often there is a crack in the bowl which has caused the water to drain. In ...
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  • Ongoing problems with unwanted home invaders will get people looking for Phoenix pest control & elimination companies. Once the infestation has settled into your home, the race to rid the growing population begins. Finding the right pest control and elimination company to solve your problem is the first step. Pest control and elimination service should be professional Know what you are looking ...
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  • Top 10 Plumbing Tools To Have At Home

    Posted By MyGuy || 22-Aug-2012

    There are many great Phoenix plumbers who make house calls, some problems are small enough for the handy fix it person to solve at home. Various projects will require different tools. Have the necessary equipment on hand to take care of the smaller plumbing problems. Plumbing tools to keep at home An adjustable pipe wrench is designed to grip round objects which make their use with plumbing pipes ...
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  • Pest Control & Elimination Phoenix, Arizona works hard to help homeowners conquer the battle against little animal pests which invade our home. The battle to protect your home and family is most important against any creature which enters uninvited. Pests can cause many problems: reduces the quality of food and water may cause injury to people or animals damage the structure or possessions in ...
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  • Many plumbing problems are time essential and having a Phoenix plumbing company on speed dial is a great way to get the problem cleared up as soon as possible. Not every household has a family member capable of solving basic plumbing problems. If you are adventurous, there are some helpful at home solutions which can help prevent large problems. Anytime prevention is practiced, it will help to ...
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  • Fire Guard Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Jun-2012

    Did you know by adding Fire Guard Arc Fault Interrupters it can reduce to the risk of an electrical fire? Endorsed by the National Fire protection, These Arc Fault breakers can be simply installed in your new or existing home to protect your family from any electrical faults on your electrical system in your home or office. The Consumer Products Safety Commission recently reported that more than ...
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  • Summerize your car

    Posted By MyGuy || 14-Jun-2012

    Most people have to Winterize their vehicles. Here in the beautiful Southwest we Summerize! If you haven’t summerized yet, it may be the perfect time, and more importantly, do it before you go on any summer travels. Viewing Arizona from the side of the road waiting for a tow truck is not the way to truly enjoy our great state. Did you know your belts and hoses are worn out after 3 to 4 years ...
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  • Eco-Friendly Roofing

    Posted By MyGuy || 13-Jun-2012

    Energy efficiency seems to be high on every homeowner's agenda these days. With the escalating costs of electricity and fuel there is no better time than now to take advantage of the many ENERGY STAR qualified roof products that are available. These roof products bearing the ENERGY STAR label are simply based on their solar reflectance, without compromising product quality and performance. ...
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  • Go green when you clean

    Posted By MyGuy || 31-May-2012

    Hiring a green home cleaning service is more than convenience and time-savings. Green cleaning is about protecting you and your family's health, while ensuring your home is a clean and relaxing environment-something we all need with todays hectic pace. Even products that are non-toxic and biodegradable can create health risks. One problem with cleaning chemicals is that exposure can occur from ...
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  • Update and add value to your home with paint

    Posted By MyGuy || 29-May-2012

    A fresh coat of paint is one of the best and most economical ways to update and add value to your home. Like building a wardrobe, selecting a paint palette for your living space is a great form of personal expression. But be aware that the shades of paint you see on a color card or even in the paint can, often looks a lot different when applied to an entire room. To help avoid surprises, follow ...
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  • Your general contractor is the direct liaison between you and everyone else involved in the project. It is important that the vendors have pride in their work. The general contractor should allow you to offer ideas from a simple change of paint or fixtures, to a complete remodel of cabinets and countertops. Ask for help you with décor and fixture upgrades or design complete conversions with ...
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  • Remodeling your home is multifaceted

    Posted By MyGuy || 21-May-2012

    As many of us know, when the market turned and the real estate and construction world fell on its head, homes were difficult to sell. People shifted from buying and selling to staying put and remodeling their homes. However, many homeowners found it's not as easy as the HGTV network and large home improvement stores claim. Remodeling is varied and multifaceted. There are many aspects that come ...
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  • Support local businesses

    Posted By MyGuy || 17-May-2012

    Have you thought about what do with your tax refund this year? Do you have the funds earmarked for some home improvement spending this year? Why not help keep the sales-tax dollars in our own Phoenix community to support local jobs boosting the city general fund? These funds help pay for many of the services that we take for granted and enjoy in our communities like parks, fire and safety ...
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  • Carpet Buying Guide

    Posted By MyGuy || 14-May-2012

    Comfortable, colorful and versatile are among the many reasons that carpet is one of the most popular types of floor covering. This carpet guide demonstrates how much there is to know about this fashionable and affordable flooring choice. There’s nothing like the soft feel of a nice carpet. Warm in winter and cool in summer, it makes any room more inviting as a place to relax with friends, ...
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  • Check out your garage door

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-May-2012

    Did you know that the experts recommend that you do a spring and fall maintenance on your garage doors? A good preventative maintenance strategy is to apply any light weight oil (Lithium Grease Spray or purchase GDL from your garage door company) to the moving parts of the garage door – the rollers and hinges – annually. There are end hinges with rollers, which hold the rollers in the ...
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  • Cool Tools for Your Car

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-May-2012

    When your A/C is working in the car it is great however, when it starts blowing that warm air or quits working when it is hot outside it can be difficult to pinpoint. The smallest of leaks can cause the air to work for a short period of time and then go out again. This can be very frustrating to you and your mechanic. A great deal of the time the culprit is an issue is the Freon gas which ...
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  • Quick and easy money saving tips

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Apr-2012

    Did you know that with these 3 simple tips from the experts you can start to save money now. Replace a single drippy faucet which can waste 212 gallons of water per month. Install low flow toilets. This will save you 3.5 gallons per flush. Install low-flow shower heads to save you between 10% to 16% of water heating costs and reduce your water usage by 20,000 gallons per year. Install ceiling ...
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