Should you seal your tile?

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Should you seal your tile?

Posted By MyGuy || 18-Jun-2015

Floors receive a ton of abuse but, don’t worry; there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent the floors from becoming so dirty. What follows is a concise compilation of what the experts recommend to extend the life of your flooring. Do you know what and where you can purchase the products the professionals use to clean your tile and natural stone surfaces? Below are some of the common mistakes that many consumers make when selecting products to use on their flooring for cleaning and sealing.

Sealing is very important.

Yes, you should seal your grout and or stone. If you choose to seal it yourself, we the ToFixIt experts recommend Modern Stone’s Rapid Seal. This is a penetrating water-based sealer that is easy to use as water-based products make for easy clean up. Tech Seal’s solvent based formula is more readily absorbed by grout and stone than water-based formulas. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to use as solvents can leave an oily mess to clean without the proper method and equipment. However, for the homeowner that desires the best protection, most consistent grout appearance and greatest ease of maintenance, we recommend colored sealer. We recommend you have this applied by a professional.

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