Go "Green" With Your Clothes Dryer!

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Go "Green" With Your Clothes Dryer!

Posted By MyGuy || 7-Apr-2011

While trying to keep up with mounds of laundry, do you find that when they are ready to remove the load of clothes from the dryer, they aren't dry yet? So you restart the drying cycle, using more gas or electricity and putting your dryer another cycle closer to the landfill. Not a good step in their sustainability goal.

Your dryer didn't use to perform this way, and now you wonder why the clothes no longer dry in one cycle.

In all likelihood, these dryers are suffocating in lint that is so clogged in their filter and vent that they just can't expel the dampness from the laundry to the outside. A thorough dryer vent cleaning can save both the dryer and the environment.

Another problem is that many homeowners, by starting their dryer, then heading to the market, soccer game, bank, cleaners or bed are putting their home and family at risk. While people are away or sleeping, accumulated lint in dryers and dryer vents catches fire, and according to the U.S. Fire Administration, causes 15,000 fires, 15 deaths and 400 injuries a year.

Failure to clean the lint from the dryer vent is the leading factor in clothes dryer fires. Clogged or incorrectly installed vents, plus plastic, foil and other inefficient venting to the outside are other major causes of dryer vent fires.

For peace of mind, have your dryer vent inspected, thoroughly cleaned and repaired if necessary, and train the family to clean the lint filter after every load. Always be sure someone is home when the dryer is running.

For expert cleaning and service for your dryer vent call MyGuy today.

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