The desert sun can turn to monsoon quickly

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The desert sun can turn to monsoon quickly

Posted By MyGuy || 8-Apr-2011

We all get comfortable with the hot dry Arizona weather and forget how fast this desert can turn to monsoon. This is evident by the Arizona stupid driver law; I suggest anyone who is not familiar check it out:

Things to keep in mind:

  • Dust usually appears prior to the rain.
  • Rain alone can cause hydroplaning. However, in Arizona our roads collect oils, anti freeze and other very slippery liquids all year long.
  • When the rain hits these raise to the surface to create oil slicks that will add to this problem.
  • Proceed with caution, and remember to test your brakes after going thru any water deep enough to create a wake. It is claimed a driver looses control in 6 inches of water!

    1. Your first line defense for safe motoring is always your tires, be sure they have plenty of tread to move the water, and proper air pressure to allow full footprint. Proper air pressure can be found either on the driver's door or in your vehicles operator's manual.

    2. Wiper blades are next. Due to the wonderful sun in Arizona, it is common when the monsoons hit for us to find our wiper blades melted to the windshield. Check to see that they are free of cracking and making good contact. Wipers are not that expensive to replace and can make a big difference in the rain and dust.

    3. Check your windshield washer fluid, in the dust that usually arrives prior to the rain you will be pleased if the washer fluid is full and working.

    4. Check your lights, the days are longer and we are not using our headlamps much so avoid the surprise when in that dust storm you find light is limited.

    5. Always remember if in a dust storm that you cannot navigate thru, pull off the roadway to the far right, turn your headlights off and keep your foot off the brake to avoid someone thinking this is a car they should be following.

    Have a safe monsoon season, if you have any questions contact MyGuy to find your local repar automotive location most convenient to you.

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