Flooring, how to properly maintain and retain it's value

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Flooring, how to properly maintain and retain it's value


After spending thousands of dollars to have your tile & grout or natural stone installed, it is essential to think of your flooring as an investment that should be properly maintained in order to retain its value. Did you know that the experts recommend that high traffic areas should be done at least once a year? Full cleaning and restoration depends on the upkeep and traffic in your house, but it is recommended that this is done at least every 2 to 3 years. Entrusting professionals to tend to your hard surfaces will not only maintain your investment but save you from some of the most demanding of all household cleaning. Whether the surface is inside or outside, you should have an expert assess your flooring and determine the best way to clean, seal and restore.

This process starts by cleaning your natural stone and tile of any soil or debris and then removing the existing sealers and waxes that dull its natural richness. Scratches, gouges or worn areas are honed to produce a finished like-new exterior. Uneven stone edges can also be removed or reduced to create a flat, carefree fascia. All cleaning solutions and sealers are formulated to the specifications of the surface.

After the grout is cleaned (or replaced), surfaces are prepared for the application of the appropriate sealer to protect its appearance. Sealing is needed on a regular basis to prevent discoloration and contamination while providing greater stain resistance. Specialized sealers are available in a variety of colors to enhance color and surface characteristics. Finally, surfaces are polished to either a high gloss or satin finish luster.

Trust your investment with a company with the expertise and resources to care for it properly who are specially trained to return your stone and tile to its natural beauty.

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