Moving can be simple

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Moving can be simple

Posted By MyGuy || 24-Aug-2011

When moving a child out of your house and into their own space the first thing you need to do is know what they need to take and where it will end up. If your child is moving into a dorm room for example, they will be limited on space. Or if they are moving into an apartment, they may need to get new things that they don't already have, like cookware. No matter where they move to, make a list of things they need and things they want. Before packing anything you may want to pack an overnight bag with the essentials. That way a toothbrush won't get lost and a dozen boxes opened before it's found. Start with the "things they need" list before adding the want items.

  • Sort out like items and put them into small to medium size boxes. You don't want boxes too large that will be too heavy when full.
  • Fill those boxes full. It will reduce the chance of damage.
  • Seal and label each box clearly. Add on the label which room the box belongs in. During the shuffling of the move it's easy to forget what is in each box. Knowing what is in each box makes unpacking go by faster and easier. Also, if you have any boxes that you know you will need things out of right away "open me first" labels help you get to those items much faster.
  • When packing start early to give yourself plenty of time. You don't want to be packing and loading on the same day, especially if you are renting a truck or hiring movers.
  • Once everything is packed and ready to be loaded into the truck, if you are doing it yourself, start with the biggest items first. Starting with the big items allows you to puzzle in the smaller items and boxes. Again, packing everything at tightly as you can reduce the chance for damage.

It's an exciting time to see our children move on with their lives and by following these tips you can make it a simple transition. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring movers to do it for you try to keep things simple. Examine what you have before you even start packing. Make sure what you take will be what you use when you get to the new place and good luck.

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