The Heat is On and the Humidity, WOW..

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The Heat is On and the Humidity, WOW..

Posted By MyGuy || 17-Aug-2011

Ever noticed that little puddle of clear water under your car on the passenger side? That is a good thing. In hot and humid weather there is condensation and the condensed water is getting out so your air conditioner can work at keeping you cool. One thing that is easy to forget, is your Cabin Air Filter, make sure it does not have any restrictions and good flow out your vents. Good air flow and a little water under you vehicle means your A/C is doing it’s job.

When the outside air temperature is 115 degrees, asphalt on the road can be as hot as 170 degrees! Howard Fleischmann of Community Tire said, “The only natural enemy your tire has is heat. So the most important thing you can do is keep the proper tire pressure. Check it weekly, and keep it at what the automobile manufacturer requires, not what it says on the side of the tire.” Every dollar spent in preventative maintenance can save you as much as five dollars in direct repair costs.

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