Auto Repairs, Brakes, Oil Change, Tune-Ups

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Auto Repairs, Brakes, Oil Change, Tune-Ups

Posted By MyGuy || 3-Dec-2011

When repairing your automobile, the main goal is to maintain the life of your engine and car. By servicing your car you are insuring that you continue to get normal gas mileage, prevent damage to your engine and keep your car running smoothly.

  • A proper brake inspection means carefully checking everything in the entire system, from the pedals to the wheels.
  • Tune-ups should be done about every 30,000 miles. A tune-up is a process of replacing and maintaining parts that wear out through usage.
  • An oil change is an important part of a preventative maintenance program that enhances the reliability and longevity of your vehicle.
Categories: Car Maintenance

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