Choosing a Reputable Contractor

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Choosing a Reputable Contractor

Posted By MyGuy || 15-Dec-2011

There are laws in place to protect you, the consumer. Every city, municipality and state has minimum building standard laws for all construction, remodeling, additions, alterations and repairs. This law requires all new homes and remodeling work to be completed to local codes and provides for third-party inspections. All builders and contractors must follow the same rules and meet the same standards. These measures protect you from poor construction methods and provide you with assurances that your home will be remodeled to scientifically-tested standards.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Don’t relax just yet. You’re entrusting someone with what is probably your largest assetand their only required guidance is a code that provides a minimum standard. Want to rest easy that you’ve got a good professional contractor? Here’s the homework assignment:

  • Beware of an unusually low bid or low advertised price. No matter what he signs, the contractor has to be able to afford to pay for labor, materials and overhead or you're both in trouble.
  • Discuss the bid in detail with the contractor to make sure you understand the reasons for any variation in price.
  • Ask for insurance certificates to verify current worker's compensation and general liability insurance
  • Make sure the contractor has a permanent business location and a good reputation with local banks and suppliers.
  • Visit the Registrar of Contractors,

to find out how long the company has been in business and whether there are any unresolved complaints against the firm.

  • Select a contractor you are comfortable with - one who understands your tastes, need and with whom you can communicate.

Ask your contractor for references and photos of finished projects from previous customers so you can ask about the quality of their work. Take your time. Most problems occur when consumers fail to investigate contractors carefully before hiring them.

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