Disappearing Flush-Mount Speakers for your home

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Disappearing Flush-Mount Speakers for your home

Posted By MyGuy || 21-Jun-2011

There’s a lot of confusing terminology out there regarding surround sound: 5.1, 7.1, sub-woofer, analog, digital, HDMI and component video. You may want great sound everywhere in your home, but you may not always have room for the visual intrusion of free-standing speakers. Built-in flush-mount speakers seem to be the answer but in practice they don’t exactly disappear in the room. Definitive Technology's Disappearing™ In-Wall series speakers feature near-invisibility thanks to their small diameters and hidden flange design.

Depending on where you’re installing your speakers, and how you’re going to listen to them there are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Frequency Response – The range of human hearing is about 20-20,000 Hz. Frequency response tells you what portion of that range lows to high sound a speaker can reproduce.
  2. Power Handling – This information tells you how much power your amp or receiver should have to safely power your speakers and so that you don't damage them.
  3. Sensitivity – A speaker’s sensitivity, or efficiency, rating indicates how effectively it uses the power it receives from your amplifier. Speakers with higher sensitivity ratings can be played louder without straining your amp.

With in-ceiling speakers, listeners are usually not sitting directly under the speaker. This may be due to room design or your furniture layout, but not to worry, These disappearing in ceiling and in wall speakers are built for any environment and there mid/woofer drivers and pivoting pure aluminum dome tweeters allow them to create a spectacular audio performance far beyond traditional flush-mount speakers.

From a simple hook up of your existing equipment to an entire dedicated home theater & automated environment, it is important to you to find the best solution that integrates with today’s latest high definition displays, audio video components, digital music and home control systems for you and your family to relax and enjoy. Contact MyGuy to find great companies for many of your home office and life needs.

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