Tips on how to check your car's A/C

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Tips on how to check your car's A/C

Posted By MyGuy || 30-Jun-2011

When your A/C is working in the car it is great however, when it starts blowing that warm air or quits working when it is hot outside it can be difficult to pinpoint. The smallest of leaks can cause the air to work for a short period of time and then go out again. This can be very frustrating to you and your mechanic.

A great deal of the time the culprit is an issue is the Freon gas which can't be seen and is odorless. The air-conditioning system is in the engine system and even runs into the dashboard inside of your car which entails a lot of connections and or fittings where a small leak can result.

However, there is hope. There is a tool that indicates when the refrigerant is in the air by creating an audible beeping sound. It beeps louder and quicker when it is placed near a leaking source.

Some of the problems with this tool are:

  • Freon may already be low to get a proper reading
  • moving the probe too fast over a small leak
  • leak detector needs time to really sample the air

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Categories: Car Maintenance

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