How are your Financially Savvy?

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How are your Financially Savvy?

Posted By MyGuy || 1-Mar-2011

HEADLINES (1974) -
For Gasoline, Little is Certain But High Prices.*
US Dollar Declines Due to Political, Economic Jitters*
Companies Go Abroad, And Jobs Go Along.*

We still have some of the same fears, worries, and uncertainty as we did then. Many families are nervous about keeping up with bills or if their job will be here tomorrow. Why? There are people that are not bothered by the increase in gas prices. They are not concerned about "what if I lose my job." You have neighbors who don't worry about money. And, it's not because they make more than you do.

Many people have been made aware of the successful habits of financially savvy people. For example:

  • keep your expenses less than your income
  • pay yourself a part of everything you earn
  • provide extra value for what you do
  • the unexpected can happen, be prepared
  • invest with prudence
  • borrow only what you can repay
  • share what you've been blessed with

So why are so many people struggling financially?

But wait, we've tried a budget… it didn’t work; we've cut up the credit cards before we've said, "if we just made more money everything would be better"… only to discover we already make more than we did a few years ago and our situation is no better.

Your financial situation will not change, until, you change the unconscious habits that placed you in your current situation. Yes, you have to take responsibility for your current situation in order to give yourself the power to improve it.

If you are serious about wanting to improve your lot in life, call MyGuy to learn more expert tips.

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