Safety first for your Automotive

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Safety first for your Automotive

Posted By MyGuy || 10-Mar-2011

1. Automotive safety is all too often taken for granted; a few minutes of caution can often save lots of time on the road while avoiding a vehicle failure – plus adding safety for you and your family. Always perform a vehicle walk around to look for abnormalities.

2. Your first line of defense on the road is your tires. Be sure to always Inflate, Rotate and Evaluate. Proper tire pressure will not only provide you with better gas mileage, but will also allow the tire to run cooler-helping while protecting the tire from damage. Rotation will provide better tire wear, resulting in longer tire life. You should always take the time to evaluate tread depth, condition, and side wall damage because it can save you time on the road, resulting from a tire failure. Don't forget to check the spare for inflation.

3. Check your windshield for any cracks or breaks, and check wiper blades for cleaning ability. In Arizona, wiper blades will tend to rot before they wear out. It is never fun to find out the wipers will not serve you when you need them in a rain or dust storm.

4. Check your vitals under the hood such as: oil level, a cooling system full of anti freeze and clear of obstructions, windshield cleaner solution full, belts in proper order and free of cracks, and radiator hoses feel solid and pass a visual inspection. Be sure that the battery is clean and cables are not corroded.

5. Listen to your vehicle-in many cases you will have warnings of upcoming problems. For example, when starting in the morning, the cranking of your starter may sound a bit different as your battery is in a declining condition. Brakes will often give you warning signs as the pads are approaching replacement, prompt attention can save you many repair dollars.

6. Daylight is getting shorter, so check your headlights. Often times, over the summer, we don't use our head lamps for months, because it is light when we leave in the morning and when we return home at night. Be sure you are prepared for the shorter days so you will have light when you need it.

7. Follow your vehicle manufacturer's maintenance program; a few dollars in maintenance today may save you many dollars in repair tomorrow. Open that book in your glove box – it will tell you much more than you expect about your vehicle maintenance and safety requirements.

8. Find a repair center that you trust, and allow them to check your vehicle over on a regular basis and of course just prior to long trips. Our teams at Community Auto Repair and Tire would love the opportunity to earn your business. Call MyGuy for one of our Automotive Repair expertn locations in your neighborhood.

Safe Travels!

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