Spring Break tips for your car care

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Spring Break tips for your car care

Posted By MyGuy || 1-Mar-2011

Spring break vacation time is right around the corner, below are some important things to remember while traveling. Now is the time to start preparing your car for long road trips. Whether it is to the Grand Canyon, or right around the corner to Grandmas and Grandpas house, it is important to ensure safety in such beautiful, but barren landscapes. Here are some tips to think about to make sure your trip is stress free and safe for your most precious cargo... your family!

Oil Change: A trip to the local repair shop is a must! Take advantage of the upgrade that provides belt and filter inspection.

Replace Windshield Wipers: Full service mechanic shops can switch these out for you.

Tire Check: Don't forget about rotating your tires, checking air pressure and making any necessary repairs.

Spare Tire: You should always have a functional spare tire ready for emergency use. Forgetting to check the air in the spare tire prior to your trip could be disastrous. It is important to have the proper equipment on hand so that you can swap out the tire.

Brake Check: It is recommended that your brakes are inspected twice a year to ensure they are working efficiently.

Cooling System Check: In the warm weather, it is a good idea to keep a gallon of water or coolant in your vehicle in case temperatures exceed what your car can handle.

Radiator Check: Schedule an appointment today to have your radiator serviced.

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