Maintain your biggest investment

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Maintain your biggest investment

Posted By MyGuy || 30-May-2011

The time has come to SAVE some money and to go about cleaning and maintaining the biggest investment you have, the exterior of your home. All through the year the dirt accumulates on the stucco of your home from storms and rain. This needs to be removed to help your home look better and the paint to last longer. You may want to add a clear coat finish over the existing paint to help add even more years to the appearance of your home.

Be sure to also cut back any landscaping that is touching the home as this will cause excessive wear to the paint. As the limbs and bushes rub against the paint it allows water to stay in contact with the walls and this causes the paint to break down at a faster rate in those areas.

If you have wood Fascia boards and trim it is good to have those freshened up also as it is far less expensive to maintain your trim with a new coat of paint than to have to do all the prep work of scraping, priming and then paint. Remember an Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of cure.

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Categories: Home Improvement

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