Home improvement tips that can you $ and time

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Home improvement tips that can you $ and time

Posted By MyGUy || 18-Sep-2011

Regardless if you are a novice Mr or Mrs fix it or a super handyman with experience, the following home improvement tips can save you time and help ensure project success.

Caulking is strong glue like substance and flexible sealant which is used in between tiles, to join dissimilar materials, and to seal a joint or corner that requires a measure of "give."

First and foremost, if caulking is loose, fix it. This is especially important near plumbing or where moisture is involved, to keep water from seeping up, under, and around tiles.

Silicone caulk is a good water sealant, providing a flexible bond, great for humid or damp areas of the home found in areas such as around a tub, shower, or sink.

When you are replacing old caulk it is important to clean the area with water before caulk removal. This introduces less moisture around the tiles or joint, that would be there if you cleaned using water after removing the caulk. After removal clean the area with denatured alcohol, helping to ensure proper adhesion for a water-tight seal.

Silicone caulk is best removed using a utility knife or single-edged razor. Keep the blade at a low angle so that objects do not become scratched. Sometimes little black lines may appear on porcelain while scraping off the caulk. Use alcohol to remove them. If this doesn't work, try a mild scouring powder specially formulated for use on porcelain.

PVA caulk and water-based types are more easily removed using hot air to soften the caulk first. A heat gun works best or a hair blow dryer might work in a pinch.

While handyman professionals prefer caulking gun use, in untrained hands a caulking gun has the tendency to "overshoot," leaving heavy clumps of caulk instead of the desired fine line. Small plastic tubes of caulk, though more expensive, are easier to control, providing a more uniform bead.

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