Learn how to extend the life of your car battery

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Learn how to extend the life of your car battery

Posted By MyGuy || 19-Sep-2011

We are all familiar with the sound a vehicle makes when it just does not have enough juice to start, but sometimes a battery problem is not as easy to spot. Don’t get stuck on the side of the road for something that is so easy to test.

Oddly enough, most batteries here in Phoenix, AZ only last for about 33 months or less. While battery life varies for a lot of reasons, the biggest is how hot it gets here. It seems like cold weather is hard on batteries because that is frequently when we actually see them fail as it takes a lot more power to turn over a cold engine, but the damage is actually done by the heat.

Here are some reasons that batteries fail, especially during and after a hot summer:

It falls down to simple physics as batteries rely on chemical reactions that are accelerated in the heat. It takes less than a day for a car battery to start to discharge in the heat. When a battery is left partially discharged the portion that is discharged quits working - it dies. To make matters worse the "dead" part of the battery plate will not recharge, so the battery is just never the same.

  • "I Just Don't Drive Very Much"
  • Short trips to the grocery store and to drop off the kids at school can greatly accelerate the death of your battery. By driving short distances the alternator does not have enough time to completely recharge your battery. Chances are when you pull back into your driveway after a short trip your battery is not fully charged yet.
  • "My Vehicle Multi-tasks Almost As Good As I Do"
  • So many vehicles have everything from navigation systems and MP3 players to heated seats and steering wheels. Then we plug in our cell phones, power adapters and curling irons! Gee, somehow we are not surprised that our batteries become partially discharged.

How To Extend Your Car Battery Life: Simple Suggestions:

  • Have your battery checked regularly so that you can avoid it failing in a bad place. It is a simple free check that can save you a tow bill and a lot of frustration.
  • Keep your battery clean. Grease can hold heat and corrosion on the terminals can add to electrical problems in your vehicle.
  • Keep your battery cool. Well, this is next to impossible to do, but if you are able to park in the shade or inside of a cool garage your car will be a little cooler when you climb in and a little easier on your battery too.
  • Always purchase a quality battery that meets factory specifications on your vehicle. While they will be more expensive they will last longer than a battery that does not fit correctly or does not carry enough amperage to start your vehicle.
  • Always use caution with your car battery.
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