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Posted By MyGuy || 17-May-2012

Have you thought about what do with your tax refund this year? Do you have the funds earmarked for some home improvement spending this year? Why not help keep the sales-tax dollars in our own Phoenix community to support local jobs boosting the city general fund? These funds help pay for many of the services that we take for granted and enjoy in our communities like parks, fire and safety protection and even our public libraries. Phoenix is one of the first municipalities in the country that is adopting a local-first procurement policy to keep tax revenues from being funneled to other states. Use your money wisely or before you know it will be gone! Make a good plan for your money and have something to show off and enjoy for years. It could be as simple as a coat of fresh paint, new carpeting, adding new landscaping or how about updating your bathroom. When you hire local businesses, such as the many locally owned and operated companies referred by ToFixIt you’re supporting your neighbor instead of a corporation somewhere else.

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