Is your door out of whack?

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Is your door out of whack?

Posted By MyGuy || 1-Apr-2013

Have you thought about an expert handyman for your simple door repairs? These can be very tricky and need a professional to get it done right. According to the ToFixIt handyman experts, "we repair a lot of doors." Therefore, they wanted share with you some ideas on what may cause doors to get a little out of “whack.” There are many types of door problems:

  • out-of-alignment hinges
  • strike plates
  • thresholds
  • jambs
  • worn weather stripping
  • house settling
  • loose or worn out lock sets
  • broken or damaged frame

The professional handyman experts in Phoenix, place door repair in the same category as drywall repair because in most cases it is truly an art to get the job repaired correctly.
Did you know that many exterior, front or back door repairs are the result of break-ins or attempted robberies? However, the good news is, many times, it is an easy door repair. It simply calls for a repair of the door jamb, replacing the door trim and securing the door strike plate to make it stronger than when it was initially built. This means you don’t have to replace the entire interior or exterior door, door frame, but just the wood door trim.

The experts recommend as a security measure, replacing the flimsy strike plate on your exterior doors with heavy duty strike plates. The new strike plates should be installed with three-inch screws into the studs for added strength. This can really slow down a burglar trying to kick in your exterior front door. The professional experts want to remind you to teach your children and practice what you preach, don't open the door until you know who is at the door before you open it. There are different options that can be installed so that you can see who is at the door without opening it: a peep hole or side-light. Consider swapping out your deadbolt with a heavy duty lock and minimum 2-inch throw.

The ToFixIt handyman experts share that there are three general door problems:

  • hard to open
  • hard to close
  • air leaks

When your doors are hard to open, it generally means the hinges need adjusting. If you interior or exterior doors are hard to close, this can be the hinges, the door latch or even the wood door frame. It is important to check to see if you are losing your conditioned air. These air leaks can cause your energy bills to increase. This issue can be resolved with something as easy as replacing that worn-out weather stripping, or by simply adjusting the threshold. The house settling can cause these minor changes to occur but can be remedied with a just a few minor adjustments.

We hope you think of calling ToFixIt at 602-863-4948 or visit the website to contact your local handyman if trouble comes knocking on your door and you need a repair. Better yet, how about a new energy efficient door?

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