Refinish your bathtub

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Refinish your bathtub

Posted By MyGuy || 27-Apr-2013

Most people agree that nothing will date a home more than an avocado green bathtub, pink tile or "butcher block" Formica kitchen countertops. It not only dates the home for all to see, but it also dramatically reduces the value. Kitchen and bath remodels are the two best investments a homeowner can make.

The question is, how much can the homeowner afford and what will be the return on their investment. A growing number of Phoenix, homeowners are finding a less expensive alternative; they are opting to refinish their bathtubs, tile surrounds, vanity tops and even floors to update the look of their bathrooms. You can change colors, repair damaged surfaces, or even chips and create a new look without costly and messy removal and replacement of a brand new bathroom tub. The process works equally well on porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, laminate and cultured marble surfaces and can save a homeowner up to 75% over the cost of replacement.

Adding value is especially important if the homeowner is looking to sell. In a buyer's market, it is critical that the home "show well" immediately. Nothing will send a prospective buyer out the door more than a yellow bathtub with black tile accents, or an orange or green Formica countertop. However, the homeowner can project the right image without investing more than they can get in return with quality surface refinishing. For example, a homeowner is more likely to get a better return on their investment after spending $1,200 to $1,500 to refinish their kitchen countertop, than spending $10,000 to $15,000 on a solid surface replacement. It can cost $2,500 to $3,000 to replace a yellow bathtub, but only $450 – $550 to change the color and have it look like new.

The experts offer advice for homeowners looking for an affordable bathroom and kitchen remodeling solutions.

• Establish a budget; look at magazines and visit home improvement stores for ideas and the newest trends for bathtubs, showers and bathroom or kitchen countertops. • Consider how much time you want to devote to the project.

• Traditional removal and replacement remodeling almost always takes more time than you anticipate.

• Another advantage of surface refinishing is that you will know exactly when the project will start and end.

• Traditional removal and replacement of a bathtub and tile surround can take two months or more depending on the scope of the project.

With surface refinishing, a bathtub can be refinished in the color of your choice, and the tile surround in a Natural Accents™ stone finish for typically under $1,200. Add a vanity top and a sink and the total cost adds up to only about $1,700. Instead of taking a week or two, this process will take two days or less.

The Phoenix ToFixIt bathtub and shower repair and finishing expert company states, "countertops are the new wow factor for homeowners," people want the multicolor look and the features of stone. These options can provide both at a tremendous cost savings with Natural Accents.” Natural Accents™ works equally well on laminate, tile, Corian™ and cultured marble surfaces. It’s a custom look in which the homeowner can choose flat, satin or even a semi-gloss finish. They can have it smooth or with a slight texture.

A Natural Accents™ countertop is a very affordable way to create a kitchen makeover without breaking the bank. A Natural Accents refinished vanity, looks like it is granite. It looks that good.

Homeowners have embraced the concept of creating an upgraded look for their kitchens and bathrooms, while saving them money on the removal and replacement of bathroom fixtures, vanity tops and kitchen counters. To learn more or schedule your appointment to get a new update look in your bathroom or kitchen at a fraction of the normal remodel project, contact ToFixIt at (602) 863-4948 to find the bathtub, shower repair company in your area or visit the website.

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