Bam, fender bender

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Bam, fender bender

Posted By MyGuy || 25-Feb-2013

Bam! Your car's fender has just been rudely introduced to another car's fender. Now what do you do? First, follow the standard protocols for any car accident occurring on the street, which starts with your safety. Don't exit your vehicle unless is it safe to do so. If it is safe, exchange contact and your automotive insurance information with the other driver, take pictures of the crash scene (including close ups of the damage to both vehicles), and wait for the police to come to document the car accident (in some cases, its best to move the vehicles out of the active roadway). From this point on, here's some information that will help to insure that your wrecked vehicle is returned to how it was before the car accident.

Did you know?

You have the right to take your vehicle to the repair facility of your choice.

  • Your insurance company might suggest an auto repair shop, but keep in mind they are choosing that auto body repair/paint facility for their own reasons, which might not align with what you want. In the end, it's your call where you want your car repairs done.

You are NOT required to get three estimates on your vehicles damage.

  • It's a common belief, and some auto insurance companies might even say that they want you to get three estimates, but it's not required. Most car insurance companies have their own auto claims inspectors who will come to your home, work or repair shop of your choice, to review damage to prepare the first estimate after your car accident.

It's the responsibility of the auto shop repair facility you choose to negotiate a fair repair scope with your insurance company to restore your wrecked car.

  • Some facilities might throw their hands in the air and just accept your insurance company's estimate, but a good facility will argue for what returns your car to its pre-accident condition. A good auto body paint/ repair shop is on your side and will fight to restore your car the right way.

Auto towing fees are all a part of the repair cost on your damaged motor vehicle.

  • Never drive a vehicle that's unsafe to be on the road if it could result in additional damage to your vehicle. If additional damage happens from driving the car, you might not be covered for that. Best to let the shop where you are bringing your car to tow the vehicle.

Ask a few questions before you choose the auto body, painting repair shop.

  • Although the auto collision repair industry has evolved with the car insurance, bringing in new technology and techniques, not all shops have kept up with the new technology.
  • Are the auto technicians certified?
  • How and what technique was used to straighten, reshape, unbend metal bumpers or scraped fenders.
  • What repair paint is used on those scratched or dented auto parts?
  • How is the paint mixed to match your existing exterior car color paint?
  • How and if they check the passenger or driver airbag system and what computer diagnostic tools are used. As a general rule, if a diagnostic computer isn't involved in many of the steps, then you might want to go to a more advanced motor vehicle shop. Most important: make sure auto mechanic uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts, and not secondary market replacement (which never quite match or fit).

A vehicle is the second largest investment most people are likely to make, after a home purchase, and the integrity of your vehicle - the frame, body, lights, air bar system, etc. is what creates a safety barrier that will protect you if you are involved in another accident? Contact one of the ToFixIt auto experts today to ensure that the value of your vehicle is restored and that you and your family are safe on the road.

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