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Posted By MyGuy || 21-Feb-2013

A professional junk removal service can be a breath of fresh air. Are those holiday gifts taking over that last fragment of space at home? Toying with the idea of moving or adding on to your home to get more free or cleared space? Does another storage unit seem like the only answer?

What if there was a way to get the extra space or cleared out room you want without the hassle of moving or the frustration of living in a construction zone? "There is a way."

Try the following exercise recommended by the junk removal, garbage clean out company.

Take a notepad and walk through your home one room at a time.

  • Survey each room in your home and write down the items that you have not looked at or used in the past 6 months. Half of your wardrobe might fit this category, but if those are the summer clothes, skip them - the weatherman says you will get to pull them out again sooner or later. However, if you have gone more than a couple of seasons without wearing something - add it to the list. Start to clear the house clutter today.
  • Move from room to room in your house and be thorough about listing the items you really don't need. These can be thrown away or donated to charity. That old television you replaced months ago, the broken air hockey table, the unused treadmill or exercise bike, and the extra furniture in the garage are all likely candidates for the list. Unopened boxes that are cluttering the closet or spare bedroom filled with unused items, that have been there since you moved in should also be considered. Ask yourself, " if I were moving tomorrow, what would I not take with me?" Add those items to your list to remove from your home.
  • Review your list of extra items, clothes, extra furniture etc. and cross off any items of sentimental value or heirlooms you want to pass on to your children. (Make sure it is something they will really want to have and will use.) If your list of items you want to dispose of is too long or too short, you can adjust the timeframe to 1 year or shorten it to 3 months. Cross off house-hold holiday seasonal-use items that have not been used in 6 months but will be during the winter, etc.
  • Visualize the space in the room, you can reclaim if all of the items on your list were removed from each room. How spacious would the closets be if you cleared the clutter? Could you reclaim an entire room in your home? What would it be like to park your car inside the cleaned out garage or get both cars in? If the prospect of a clutter free home has you excited you are ready to begin.
  • The garage will take a little abuse for the next step, but unless you have a large clear space inside, it is probably the best choice. Designate a place to gather all of the items you are going to get rid of.
  • Go from room to room with an empty box, a laundry basket, or a garbage sack gathering all of the items from your list. When you fill a box or bag, place it in your designated spot and watch the pile grow.
  • Separate items that are junk to be thrown out from those that could be donated to a local charity. Thinking about helping others by donating some items may make it easier to add the item to your list.

When you complete your room-to-room tour, you will be amazed at the space you create, and probably at the size of the junk pile you gather. Help from a friend or working to your favorite music will make the task go by more quickly and the immediately visible results will be quite gratifying.

Finally, it is time to get rid of the pile, to find the junk removal specialist. Many companies will make sure the donations go to a local charity and that the rest is recycled or disposed of properly.

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