Cool off this summer with a misting or fogging system

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Cool off this summer with a misting or fogging system

Posted By MyGuy || 4-Jun-2013

Do you find that you spend much less time on your patio or decking area in the hot Arizona sunny days, because it is simply too hot? Why not extent the life of your outdoor living space by adding a residential misting or fogging system? It is much more affordable than in the past and provides comfort for your family and animals even in our hot Arizona heat.

You can enjoy your patio all long with the addition of a quality high pressure misting system or what is commonly called a fogging system. Outdoor misting systems work by pressurizing water then forcing it through a small opening in the specially designed mist nozzle to create very fine water droplets that appear as “mist” or “fog.” As this water evaporates, it creates a cooling affect from 20 degrees Fahrenheit to as much as a 30 degree reduction with the right conditions (low humidity) which can be found in the Arizona Valley, for much of our summer. A properly designed misting system, from the experts, produces a “curtain” of mist on the open sides of your patio or gazebo that allows you to entertain or just relax in your outdoor patio or pool deck areas. The misting experts recommend, sectional misting and/or misting fans because they are a great way to protect against heat stress. Did you know that these misting or fogging systems also can help to control dust, airborne particulates like pollen and even discourage flying insects? The new updated misting and fogging systems are great for your home or business use.

Misting has been used effectively here in the Phoenix, desert for decades by restaurants, resorts and shopping centers to prevent guests/patrons from suffering in the heat while waiting for a table, seated outdoors or just giving that cool, pleasant feeling when entering a place of business. For some high profile businesses in the Valley, a quality commercial grade misting system or fogging is a must!

Don’t forget about your animals. According to the professional experts, it is important to think about your animals too. They suffer from the hot weather also. We want our animals that live outdoors to be as comfortable as possible too. Whether it is horse stables, dog kennels, aviaries or livestock, high temperatures can cause health problems for most animals. Sectional misting and/or misting fans are a great way to protect against heat stress.

Today’s quality mister systems employ high pressure pumps (up to 1000 PSI) that when used with stainless steel precision nozzles work to minimize the issue of clogging, which was a common problem, according to the experts with the earlier systems. The misting or fogging nozzles themselves are now available in a self-closing design that shut off the moment the pump does so that the “shut down dripping” is practically eliminated along with the water spots on decks or patios associated often associated with it. However, it is important to do the proper maintenance. Nozzles still need periodic cleaning depending on how much the system is run, but easy removal and soaking in a mild acidic solution such as vinegar or CLR is all that is needed to resolve the issue of clogged misters. If you plan to run your misting system for long periods on most days (commercial, livestock) the experts highly recommend that having a spare set of nozzles is very convenient. Simply replace the “used" fogging nozzles with clean ones before moving your ladder to the next set. The pumps that the experts use today are also very quiet, so when conventionally installed on the side of the home of up on a flat roof are barely audible. These misting nozzles are now available in a variety of colors, so that they blend with your outside décor.

Enjoy your patio and outdoor spaces even during the hottest times with the simple principal of evaporative cooling, perfect for desert living.

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