Decorative concrete coatings

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Decorative concrete coatings

Posted By MyGuy || 18-Jun-2013

In Arizona, outdoor living is a year round way of life. From swimming pools and spas to outdoor kitchens and BBQ’s, utilizing one’s outdoor space as an extension to one’s home is huge!

When considering outdoor living, great attention is placed on furniture and accessories for the patio and pool area. And when decorating your house, you wouldn’t disregard the carpet, tile, wood flooring. Yet amazingly enough the largest area most disregarded or neglected is the floor or deck of the patio or pool area. From carpet to tile to stone; there are lots of choices that can greatly transform the design of a patio or pool deck. The ToFixIt concrete coating experts, offer their advice and knowledge about many of the marvelous options to beautify the design of your existing concrete deck with decorative concrete coatings.

However, as mild as the weather can be in Arizona, it can vary drastically in temperature and humidity in any given season. This can be particularly tough on the durability, comfort and safety of the flooring of your choice.

A marvelous option to beautify the design of your existing concrete deck is decorative concrete coatings. With the best products or services, it can withstand the varying climates of Arizona. Did you know that an untreated concrete deck could reach upwards of 130 degrees during a summer day? This can burn your loved ones, anytime they walk around or get into or out of your swimming pool. The outdoor flooring experts offer a better option; a concrete acrylic overlay is a wonderful solution.

From its rich and warm Flagstone composition to its earthy slate, the experts can take virtually any concrete surface, horizontal or vertical, and transform it into something that looks organically produced. The professional ToFixIt experts state, " don’t be fooled by the “knock off’s.”

CenturyStone is the real deal, created with 99.9% crushed quartz, held together by a high solids, high performance water based acrylic, then stained with natural mineral oxides creating a masterpiece of long-lasting style. Outdoor living in Arizona can be challenging with fast weather changes, but CenturyStone concrete coating products can take the heat and freeze thaw conditions. Not only that, but the certified and licensed installers are so confident in the materials, that they provide lifetime warranties.

Entertaining is a big consideration for outdoor living. With other outdoor flooring options, you have to fret about pets and pet stains, wine stains, oil and grease stains, pool chemicals, slip resistance, and the temperature of the surface, just to mention a few concerns. Not so with CenturyStone decorative coatings. High quality materials joined with top notched training allow for a heavy duty surface that is slip resistant, chemical resistant, and cooler to the touch than regular concrete. Originally designed for the Army Corps of Engineers, CenturyStone concrete products are the perfect match to outdoor living solutions for floor surfaces for your home or outdoor office space.

Beta tested at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, CenturyStone exceeded hopes in strength and upkeep, saving the government hundreds of thousands dollars. If you are seeking an option to outdoor carpet, pavers, stone or tile and want something that will bolster the beauty of your home, literally making your backyard a paradise, then CenturyStone Concrete Coatings is worth a look. Bring your outdoor living experience to another level!

There are a few tips from the experts prior to you make your final decision to go with concrete coatings. Here are some suggestions to help you with the final design and color choices to fit your budget.

  1. Treat your patio like it is an extension of the room from which it is opening up to, whether it is your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. Stick with the design and colors your patio area is flowing from.
  2. Don’t worry about a perfect match when considering design or color. Think of your home as a giant quilt. In a quilt, patterns are mixed with floral, stripes and dots. But the concrete or flooring colors should complement and blend together offering a pleasing vision. The overall color may be red, but there could be different shades and patterns of red. Individually, the pieces may look odd, but pieced all together they create a masterpiece.
  3. When choosing a company or applying your own coating, proper preparation and installation and quality products are a must. Do not cut corners here or the life of your coating will be impacted greatly.
  4. Finally, to insure the life of your coating, as you would any flooring, keep it clean and debris free.

If you are searching for an alternative to outdoor carpet, pavers, stone or tile, literally transforming your backyard into your own paradise visit here

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