Should I hire a handyman?

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Should I hire a handyman?

Posted By MyGuy || 21-Nov-2013

Everyone wants to be able to say "I did that", but is that really the best choice?

Keep these things in mind when coming to a decision:

1) Do you have all the tools needed for the project?

2) Do you have the time it will take to complete the project?

3) Do you have the knowhow?

Below you will find several of the most common mistakes that "DIYers" often make. Here are some tips from the experts on how you can complete the project right the first time.

1: Fixing a sticking door.

A common call that many handyman companies receive, is fixing a sticky door. Whether an interior door or an exterior door, this task can be tricky! If done incorrectly, one can cause more harm than good. First take to the time to assess the task. You will need to know if it would be more cost effective to fix the door or replace the door. If the door is badly damaged due to our Arizona harsh weather conditions, replacing it may be the best option. After wet weather, wooden doors become swollen and stick in the frame. Painting the wood is an instant fix, but be sure to paint over the exposed edges with a primer as well. If the wood is not completely sealed including the edges, it will continue to absorb moisture and swell up – leaving you to do the job all over again.

2: Creating attic storage space.

Another common mistake made by do it yourselfers is when trying to create storage space in the attic. The attic must be properly assessed to make sure you are not stacking weight on the base of a conventional truss; they are engineered to hold weight on the top, not from the inside. Doing so can put you and your family in harm's way.

3: Covering rotten wood does not make the rot go away!

Covering rotting wood can create an even bigger problem that can be very costly. The proper way to restore rotten boards is to cut out all the bad wood and then replace these areas with new wood. Make sure to seal the wood to prevent any future damage in the new wood.

4: Failing to support your shelves before installation.

When putting up shelves and pictures on a partition wall, you must locate the weight-bearing studwork behind the plaster for support, or screws and nails will come out under the slightest weight. These wooden posts, which are the backbone of the wall, may not always be where you want your nail to go, but in this case, you can always use cavity fixings, which anchor screws and nails into the plaster. These are available from most DIY stores and websites.

5: Failing to apply primers before painting over water stains.

Watermarks can be a pain to cover up. Painting over the stain with a water-based emulsion won’t help; the stain will keep showing through, however many coats you use. Apply an oil-based primer paint or spray over the stain to seal it, and then you can cover it with any paint and color you choose. There’s no point in buying expensive paintbrushes for one job, but steer clear of budget brushes. These have fewer bristles, which make an untidy finish, and they molt more than a mid-range brush, so you will be constantly picking bristles out of the paintwork. Synthetic brushes are fine for the average consumer and they keep their shape, while natural bristles tend to splay out after use.

If you need other projects done in or around your home, why not compile a list today and call a trained and experienced handyman to do your "honey do list". It will not only save you some valuable time and money in the long run it will be stress free!

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