Don't waste water or you could get fined

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Don't waste water or you could get fined

Posted By MyGuy || 12-Aug-2014

July and August are two of the toughest months for lawns and plants in the hot desert sun of Arizona.

While an sprinkler or irrigation system can give you years of excellent service you still need to be diligent about maintenance. Many of the Valley cities are starting to implement fines for wasting water. Keeping your watering system running at its best will save you water and money. The ToFixIt sprinkler and irrigation specialists offer tips for watering and maintenance's required to help promote a beautiful lush landscaped lawn.

For plants, drip irrigation is the most popular method for delivering water at a slow and even rate.

Infrequent and deep watering of your grass or garden will encourage the roots to go deep and will wash damaging salts below the root zone. Water run times will vary depending on size and type of plant. Flowers, trees and shrubs should be on separate zones as they require different amounts of water.

Did you due to the thinness of your drip lines:

  • water pressure will start to create splits in the line after approximately 8-10 years
  • most valves and controllers also have about an 8 year life span
  • the hard water in the Valley plays havoc with the valves, emitters and sprinkler heads
  • calcium deposits will restrict water flow over time
  • periodic maintenance should be done on the system to repair any leaks, unclog emitters and nozzles and repair faulty valves
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