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Posted By MyGuy || 19-Nov-2014

Cooler weather is coming and we all know how Arizonians long for the climate change from scorching hot to cooler fall breezes. When it's hot, air conditioning is a requirement. But when you finally have that change to open your windows and enjoy the beautiful desert breeze, screens are a must!

Screen doors, both traditional and retracting, provide many benefits during the cooler months. Lowering your cooling bill in Arizona is always at the forefront of everyone's mind. Opening your windows and patio doors allows for better circulation which allows you to turn the A/C unit off! We also know that dealing with pesky insects can be a headache. Screens doors allow you to enjoy the outdoors without co-habituating with all of the insects. Screen doors also allow you to entertain guests using both your indoor and outdoor space. Learn about the wide variety of style options ranging in colors too. The experts offer you suggestions to make a good investment prior to choosing a screen door.

Screen doors also allow you to entertain guests using both your indoor and outdoor space. With the grill going and laughter filling your backyard, good screen doors allow guests to flow easily from one area to the other increasing your entertainment space. Gone are the days of being stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is outside. Now you won't miss a thing!

With a large variety of screen door choices you will no longer look at your screen door as an architectural eyesore. With a wide selection of colors and styles there is always a screen door that will bring beauty to you home.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your next screen door:

  • Sturdiness: Especially if you have children or pets, make sure your choice is durable and has warranty
  • Function: There are several different styles of screen doors on the market. From traditional to sliding and retracting always consider the use and level of function you need for your home.
  • Look: When choosing your new screen door always consider what type of statement you want to make. Choosing a color and style that blends well with your home allows for a cohesive look while choosing a darker or lighter color allows for a more bold statement.

How do you decide between the different styles? Here are several simple guidelines to consider when deciding what screen door are best for your home:

  • Traditional screen doors:

These are the basic screen doors that most likely on your front door growing up. If your home has French doors leading to your backyard this is best bet for you. These doors are easily installed and require low maintenance. If you have children or pets, these doors are easily replaceable and won't break the bank if they have been damaged.

  • Sliding screen doors:

If your home has sliding glass doors leading to your outside entertainment area this this is a great option for you. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any size sliding door and again they are cost effective. They allow for passage of natural light from your outdoor space and really conjoin your backyard to your indoors on a beautiful day.

  • Retractable sliding doors:

There when you need it and gone when you don't retractable screen doors allow you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors without all of the banging and slamming of a traditional or sliding screen door. A very popular selection for homes that have children or pets, these doors stand the test of time. With varying styles and colors retractable screen doors are fast becoming the popular choice of homeowners nationwide.

One big question most people have is if the purchase of screen doors add to the value of your home and the answer is most certainly! Anytime a homeowner can open their spaces to another it brings added value to the home but most importantly it adds to the quality of your home. Every detail you put into your home increases your enjoyment of the space as well as resale value.

So now that you know the ins and outs of screen doors what is the next step?

  1. Contact a trusted company that specializes in screen doors in your area.
  2. This is very important, especially if your door frame is not a standard size. The company you choose will make sure that the process is hassle free.
  3. They will help you choose the right screen door for you home.
  4. They will come to your home and measure your door frame, order the screen door and then install it for you when it arrives. This eliminates the hassle of standing in aisle 19 of your local home improvement store scratching your head in confusion and then returning the door if your measurements are off by the smallest fraction.

Eliminate the hassle and leave it to the pros... you will be enjoying the cooler weather in no time.

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