Caring for the stone surfaces in your home

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Caring for the stone surfaces in your home

Posted By MyGuy || 10-Sep-2014

Properly maintained stone can and should last a lifetime. After all it is often one of the most expensive investments we can make in our homes. Your home's beautiful stone surfaces deserve the best professional care. The experts recommend that only experienced technicians provide a detailed inspection of your home's stone surfaces and then offer the best overall cleaning process. For most surfaces, the treatment may involve the following steps:

  • Preparation: Including moving furniture, removing loose debris and masking of non-treatment areas.
  • Cleaning: Utilizing the most state-of-the art equipment to remove soil and any pre-existing sealers or waxes.
  • Honing: Using a laboratory-developed and field-tested combination of abrasive compounds, cleaning agents and grease cutters, the stone surface is gently honed to remove scratched, etches and wear marks.
  • Polish: After a thorough rinse following the honing process, special machinery and compounds are used to bring original shine back to treated stone surfaces.
  • Sealing: One or more coats of special sealant are applied and buffed, to protect against future staining.

Whether your stone renewal needs are for your floor, kitchen or bathroom surfaces, the experts should provide you the correct treatment options to revitalize and renew all of your stone surfaces, including Granite, Marble, Slate, Travertine, Terrazzo, Saltillo and many others don't be afraid to ask.

It is also a good idea to clean your tile and grout.

  • The powerful truck-mounted cleaning system safely cleans floors, showers and countertops by quickly removing dirt and contaminants.
  • This cleaning process uses heat, a specialized cleaning solution and vacuum power to remove the dirt that homeowner's can't.
  • The job is completed with a high-pressure rinse.
  • After cleaning, the professional technicians will apply a penetrating sealer to protect your grout against mildew staining for up to two years.

Did you know that you can also Color Seal your grout?

  • Without ripping out your existing grout, product is applied, bringing your grout back to sparkling white - or any color you choose! With help from the professional you'll be delighted with the end results.
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