Are your valuables protected?

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Are your valuables protected?

Posted By MyGuy || 29-Oct-2010

A burglary occurs every 9 minutes and a fire every 78 seconds in Arizona. Don't let your valuables be taken or destroyed. Safes are a convenient, simple and economical way to store your valuables. Eliminate your safety deposit box to save you time, because of the limited bank hours and money for monthly rental fees. Why not have your possessions available anytime that you need them. A home, office or gun safe is a simple solution to what can be a devastating event. There are many things to look for or consider before you purchase a safe.

Such as:

  • Look for a minimum 1 hour fire rating.
  • Buy an electronic keypad entry for ease of use, and ability to change your own combination.
  • Bolt down to the floor to prevent burglars from stealing the entire safe.

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