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  • Identify the best way to protect your family

    Posted By MyGuy || 20-Nov-2013

    Gone are the day's locksmiths provided simple services such as cutting keys, rescuing people from locked vehicles, cracking safes, and the intermittent rekeying and installation of locks. More ac­curately, today's full service locksmiths make available a diversity of expertise which readily meet the variety of needs by residential, automotive, commercial, industrial and institutional ...
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  • Be prepared for Monsoon flooding

    Posted By MyGuy || 20-Aug-2013

    Monsoon season is here and it might be time to dig that umbrella and rain gear out of the back of your closet. Monsoon season means rain that can cause flooding. Whether you have a leaky roof, live in a low lying area or just have poor drainage, flooding can be a serious problem during our Arizona monsoon season. If you know you might have the potential for a flooding issue or just want to make ...
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  • 10 Tips for Pest Control and Elimination

    Posted By MyGuy || 4-Sep-2012

    Everywhere you go in Phoenix pest control and elimination is important since there will be unwanted guests of some kind trying to work their way into your home. These types of guests are unwanted. Instead of waiting and fighting defensively against the insects, rodents and birds, a homeowner can take the offensive approach and follow these 10 short steps to work at pest control and elimination of ...
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  • Fire Guard Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Jun-2012

    Did you know by adding Fire Guard Arc Fault Interrupters it can reduce to the risk of an electrical fire? Endorsed by the National Fire protection, These Arc Fault breakers can be simply installed in your new or existing home to protect your family from any electrical faults on your electrical system in your home or office. The Consumer Products Safety Commission recently reported that more than ...
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  • Protect Your Home & Family

    Posted By MyGuy || 22-Feb-2012

    1) Know your neighbors and look out for each other. How disturbing would it be if your neighbor actually witnessed a theft at your residence and didn't even give a second thought to what was happening? 2) Introduce yourself to your neighbors and make sure they know of you and your family so they are aware when a strange person is on your property. 3) While on vacation, have individuals that ...
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  • Smart Home, a great gift for the holidays

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Dec-2011

    With the push of ONE button, you can control a TV, DVD player, Cable/satellite and AV receiver. The TV screen becomes a remote. It’s so easy, even friends or guests can use it. Plus! It comes with the capability for a whole house control system that can literally control everything in the home and save money on the energy bill at the same time. Some people like to refer to it as a Smart ...
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  • Water damage can be devastating, so the sooner restoration begins; the better. If you have a flood, professionals often recommend the following steps be taken to ensure that your job doesn't haunt you resulting in higher cost and ongoing issues for you and your property. Learn the first steps you as the home owner can do to help prevent more damage. Identify the water source and shut off the ...
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  • Are you Locks Outdated?

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-Mar-2011

    What's the one thing you should do to improve my home's security? Unfortunately, the answer isn't so simple. All home and homeowner needs are different. However, there are three items are routinely recommend when conducting Homeowner Security Assessments. Evaluate all door hardware greater than two years old. This door hardware is susceptible to lock bumping, an intrusion technique ...
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  • Are your valuables protected?

    Posted By MyGuy || 29-Oct-2010

    A burglary occurs every 9 minutes and a fire every 78 seconds in Arizona. Don't let your valuables be taken or destroyed. Safes are a convenient, simple and economical way to store your valuables. Eliminate your safety deposit box to save you time, because of the limited bank hours and money for monthly rental fees. Why not have your possessions available anytime that you need them. A home, ...
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  • Keeping Your Kids Safe While Surfing the Net

    Posted By MyGuy || 6-Oct-2010

    The popularity of social networking continues to grow among kids. Social networking sites can provide a secure way for kids to connect with each other, but they can also be exploited for any number of reasons, good and bad. It is recommended that parents be diligent and take steps to keep their kids safe online. Kids of all ages are getting into social networking. Facebook and MySpace require all ...
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