Back yard vacation

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Back yard vacation

Posted By MyGuy || 5-Apr-2011

Where are you intending to travel on this vacation this year? How about your own backyard?

Why don't you transform your backyard into a family paradise, where all you have to do is open a sliding glass door and step into a topical wonder? Where you and your family can enjoy a variety of different get-away pleasures.

Just think about it; you have to make reservations, park your car at the airport, and get there hours ahead of time. Wait in line to check into your hotel, sleep in a bed that is not as comfortable as your own. Make arrangements every day to eat at different restaurants. Stay 2 weeks only to come home more tired, jet lagged and stressed out that you left. Have you heard people say when they come home from vacation that you need a vacation to get over your vacation"? Then it takes you about 6 months of paying off credit cards and all you left with is some memories.

Why not create something just short of incredible in your backyard. A large free form swimming pool, with a grotto waterfall slide, that is the best possible baby sitter ever invented. The only time his kids stop playing on it is for lunch! For the adults, a swim up bar with a palapa roof, makes you feel like you're in the Caribbean. How about installing some misters all around a large waterfall that makes it appear like a cloud hanging over a mountain. At night for ambiance add a series of tiki torches, with outdoor surround.

All this will increase the re-sale value of your house. All the money you ever spent on expensive vacations has disappeared.

Needless to say we started planning our backyard re-do instead of planning our next trip.

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