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  • The expert landscape maintenance companies realize that your landscaping is a long-lasting investment. The professionals suggest prior to hiring a professional to work in your yard that you should ask for referrals from current and past clients. It is a good idea if possible to look at a customer's yard and even talk to the owners. Be wary of individuals who go door to door and offer bargains ...
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  • Great Outdoors

    Posted By MyGuy || 10-Jan-2012

    March is a great time to start the cut backs needed to promote healthy growth on trees and shrubs. Installing any plants in the early spring helps promote the growth needed before the Arizona summer heat arrives. Many people here in Arizona opted for having an area in their yard where there is real grass for their children or dogs to play on. To learn more about great companies that can help you ...
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  • Bermuda Grass

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-Jan-2012

    When nights hit an average of 65 degrees, Bermuda grass starts to grow in late spring after the danger of frost has passed. If you plant Bermuda seeds too late in the season you might find the grass will not strive. You take the chance of it dying because of the lack of growth will not promote the proper root system needed to feed the grass. Having a great lawn often requires the expert touch from ...
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  • 2 Easy ways to create curb appeal

    Posted By MyGuy || 9-Nov-2011

    Many Real Estate experts recommend that the two most important updates homeowners can do and get their money back on the investment are: replace front door replace garage door Both can create a nice curb appeal. To learn more about a free referral service and great promotions contact MyGuy.
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  • A beautiful yard is a reflection of its homeowners. Aren’t we striving to have it all? A great job, loving family, nice car, dream home, nice neighborhood and the icing on the cake is a beautifully maintained yard. After spending a lot of money on your residential landscape installation, it only makes sense to protect it and make sure it develops into a lush oasis away from the daily grind. ...
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  • Remove Unwanted Trees Now

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-Oct-2011

    Most experts recommend that the Fall is the best time to remove any of those unwanted trees that you may have in your yard. Winter can be very hard on dead or dying trees, causing them to fall over or break apart which can be very dangerous. Contact MyGuy to learn more tips and great companies that can help you with many of your home, office, auto or life’s needs.
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  • How's your garden

    Posted By || 13-Sep-2011

    Edible Green seems to be the craze these days...doesn't every one you know either have or wish they had a vegetable garden? It sounds easy. A quick trip to the hardware store or your local nursery and you will see hundreds of plants and herbs, all with wonderful names like Heirloom, Jubilee and Lemon Thyme. But how easy is it to grow your own vegetables? It is more than just putting a plant in ...
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  • Successful Winter Grass

    Posted By MyGuy || 10-Sep-2011

    If you are going to have green grass year round, you will need to over seed with a perennial rye every October. What is involved in having a winter lawn? The reason we need to install a winter lawn is because the grass that grows in the summer in Phoenix is a Bermuda grass that particularly likes the heat and direct sunlight. When the cooler weather and shorter days arrive, the Bermuda grass goes ...
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  • Decorative rock instead of grass

    Posted By MyGuy || 28-Jul-2011

    Try Decorative Rock Instead of Grass. Because we live in the Sonoran Desert, we do not have plentiful supply of fresh water and must use water wisely. An easy and affordable solution to our limited water supply is to landscape with decorative rock and boulders. In doing so, homeowners can lower the total cost of ownership, minimize their carbon footprint and cut down significantly on the ...
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  • Cool your backyard as much as 30 degrees

    Posted By MyGuy || 5-Jul-2011

    Professional Fog and Mist System There's no denying it; the summer heat is here to stay. But you can escape it by installing a backyard misting system this summer. These systems can cool your backyard, patio or pool areas by as much as 30 degrees. A mist system or fog effects can make your backyard a cool oasis this summer. Low-level fog can help drop the temperature of your backyard, allowing ...
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  • Now is a great time to start on those things in the yard that you may have been putting off.... Complete cleaning of the yard, trimming bushes, removing weeds and debris. It is important to trim all of those trees away from the house! Did you know this is a great way to invite mice and rats, scorpions and others into your home, by keeping the canopy far enough away from the roof they no longer ...
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  • Drab Patio, How About Concrete Stamping

    Posted By MyGuy || 6-May-2011

    Do you know that concrete stamping has really grown to be a very popular technique to add new life, textures, and patterns to your old drab looking driveway, patios, sidewalks and more? This technique is offered in almost any color you can imagine and in many stamp patterns that simulate the look of wood, cobblestone, brick or broom finished. It has come a long way over the years; it's not ...
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  • Did you know that it is NOT advisable to put a layer of black plastic beneath your granite in your landscaping? Over time, the edges of the plastic will dry out and curl up and may become unsightly. In addition, the black plastic prevents air and water from reaching nearby plant roots.
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  • Green Lawn or No Lawn

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-May-2011

    What are the considerations of whether to have a lawn or not? Maintaining a healthy lawn in the hot desert climate can be costly and time consuming. Obviously the green lawn has a beautiful appeal, is cooler than a desert landscape, and is more conducive for children to play. Whether you want a lawn depends on individual needs and preferences. If you are going to have a lawn what are some of ...
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  • Tips for desert landscaping

    Posted By MyGuy || 19-Apr-2011

    What if I get tired of maintaining a lawn or would like to be more water conscious and eliminate the lawn? How do I go about this? Typically you would spray the grass area with an herbicide to kill the grass. It is necessary to do this prior to the Bermuda going dormant to get an effective eradication of the grass. The irrigation system can be capped off or can be converted to a drip system if you ...
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  • Fences are Great Investments

    Posted By MyGuy || 11-Apr-2011

    A block wall or fence around your property is a great investment! It enhances your home value, protects family & possessions, maximizes privacy, reduces noise, and its lifespan can equal that of your house.
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  • Turf vs. Grass

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-Apr-2011

    Many people are turning to using turf instead of grass for their yards. Cost effectiveness of Turf vs. Grass: The return on your investment can be substantially long term when you take into consideration, the savings on the maintenance, watering, fertilizing, pesticides or seasonal over-seeding.
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  • Back yard vacation

    Posted By MyGuy || 5-Apr-2011

    Where are you intending to travel on this vacation this year? How about your own backyard? Why don't you transform your backyard into a family paradise, where all you have to do is open a sliding glass door and step into a topical wonder? Where you and your family can enjoy a variety of different get-away pleasures. Just think about it; you have to make reservations, park your car at the ...
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  • Get Ready for the Great Outdoors

    Posted By MyGuy || 9-Mar-2011

    Now is a great time to start cut backs needed to promote healthy growth on trees and shrubs. Installing any plants in the early spring helps promote the growth needed before the Arizona summer heat arrives. Many people here in Arizona opted for having an area in their yard where there is real grass for their children or dogs to play on. Learn more tips about the care and correct grass for your ...
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  • Hardscapes for Your Backyard

    Posted By MyGuy || 3-Mar-2011

    Expand your living area into the Outdoors by creating an Outdoor Living/Entertainment using Hardscaping. Have you thought about extending your patio with pavers or flagstone? Why not create a walkway with additional sitting area around an outdoor Fire pit or Fireplace? Wouldn't it be nice to build a beautiful bar sitting area around your new outdoor kitchen? Did you know that you can receive a ...
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  • Weed Problem?

    Posted By MyGuy || 2-Mar-2011

    With all of the rain Arizona has received this past winter the weeds are in full bloom. Now is the time to call your landscaper to get rid of all those little unwanted, green pests and prepare your lawn for the hot Arizona summer weather. This is the best time to have your property cleaned up, remove, spray weeds and prune some of those plants. There are many other things to keep in mind when it ...
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