Smart Home, a great gift for the holidays

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Smart Home, a great gift for the holidays

Posted By MyGuy || 15-Dec-2011

With the push of ONE button, you can control a TV, DVD player, Cable/satellite and AV receiver. The TV screen becomes a remote. It’s so easy, even friends or guests can use it. Plus! It comes with the capability for a whole house control system that can literally control everything in the home and save money on the energy bill at the same time. Some people like to refer to it as a Smart Home.

You can automatically reduce the energy cost of any light by 10% or more and will actually double the life of a standard light bulb. It can also save up to 12% on the energy bill automatically when no one is home. In the future, you can add one of many exciting packages to customize it depending on your needs and budget. This is a single handheld remote which eliminates the need of multiple remotes and allows for On-Screen controlling of the components through TV. Also, it is RF capable - no need to point the remote at the components and it works from anywhere in the home.

It can help manage energy while automating the temperature control and it can adjust the thermostats while the family is away, minimizing energy consumption and automating the lights so they turn on when you need them and go off when you don’t. The lighting control part of the system sets the lights automatically to come as the sun goes down and can easily dim lights for any activity such as watching a movie or TV. You can control all of these functions from the TV, keypad or PC remotely while away!

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