Get swim ready before the heat gets here

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Get swim ready before the heat gets here

Posted By MyGuy || 15-Feb-2011

When the warmer weather hits wouldn't you love to be showing off your gorgeous new oasis? By starting now you have the opportunity to find a great company who is experienced and has a proven track record. With advances in pump technology you can take advantage of energy rebates on new, more efficient variable speed pumps and save yourself money for years to come. By adding advanced water purifying technologies like Ozone systems and Salt Chlorine generators you can save money in chemical costs and create swimmer friendly water chemistry. With many other ideas a licensed contractor is the best partner you can have for this type of project.

Most pool companies have been able to hold onto 2010 pricing for the first few months of this year. Historically pool prices have increased at the early part of the year as material suppliers and equipment manufacturers begin to compensate for rising fuel costs and increases in raw material pricing. Pool re-modelers have long tried to hold down prices, especially during these turbulent times, and now is great time to take advantage of the negotiations the valley's experienced builders have been able to secure on your behalf.

With more and more unlicensed "independent contractors" and "Craig's Listings" of super deals, now is definitely the time for buyers to beware. Quality and peace of mind are worth paying for. A great deal may not be one in the long run. Beware of the pool builders in the valley who are unlicensed people working out of their homes and trucks. This leaves the buyer with no warranty or recourse should they find the workmanship is not up to contract standards. Did you know, according to the Registrar of Contractors Inspector, homeowners who knowingly hire an unlicensed worker are actually committing a misdemeanor offense? These cases are rarely prosecuted as the resulting issues with workmanship often are a harsh enough lesson for the homeowner. Fixing issues is often more costly to fix than the initial cost of working with a licensed and bonded contractor.

These are just a few of many reasons to get off the "pool" fence. Call MyGuy today to learn about our recommended, remodeling pool company. Begin creating the back yard you have always wanted with a remodeler you can trust. Imagine the relaxation and fun you will have all season long.

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